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Some gorgeous photos from last night's press night after party have been shared online by photographer Dan Wooller. Find them on his website and on REX. There are a few really lovely ones of Tom Riley with Lizzy Caplan. You used to be able to buy photos from Dan's website, but sadly that doesn't seem to be the case any more. 

The first few reviews have started to trickle in online. Libby Purves writing for Theatre Cat loved it. There is also a nice blogger review here

It is barkingly funny, played with quartet precision under Anna Ledwich’s direction, and has at its heart not some jejune fury at “fatcats” but a serious observation: it is about the distinction between the warm breath of business – creating objects, services, value – and the icy mathematical chill of those who finance it. The hard-edged contemptuous purity of Jenny will haunt me for days. Not that she’ll care. As she says to Seth3 ‘ Allow less intelligent people to hate you. It’s their destiny, and it costs you nothing”. A lesser writer, by the way, might have been tempted to draw the relationship between the two warring colleagues as Benedick and Beatrice, or at least throw in a sex scene. Not this one. Just pitiless mirth and Swiftian wit. Theatre Cat

Anna Ledwich directs a well-balanced, high profile cast perfectly maintaining pace throughout the dramatic evening. She is helped by Andrew D Edwards’s stylish set, which plants minimalist props in front of a series of doubly symbolic revolving mirrors, both reflecting the audience back on themselves and, along with Max Pappenheim’s sound design, imitating the gradual collapse of the theoretically solid world that the drama depicts. British Theatre Guide


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