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Streaming service TUBI has announced the release dates for all episodes of The Nevers, starting on Monday 13th February. TV Line has shared the streaming dates for each of the episodes along with a Q&A with showrunner Philippa Goslett. The Nevers will be in regular rotation on Tubi’s WB TV Watchlist Channel. If you can’t stream any episode “live” at the time noted, you’ll have to catch it the next time around. The next time Tom Riley fans can expect to catch the series will be from 1st March 1 until 3rd March.

THE NEVERS: Monday, Feb. 13
12:39 pm ET The Nevers Ep 101 “Pilot” TV-MA
1:48 pm The Nevers Ep 102 “Exposure” TV-MA
2:53 pm The Nevers Ep 103 “Ignition” TV-MA
3:52 pm The Nevers Ep 104 “Undertaking” TV-MA
4:52 pm The Nevers Ep 105 “Hanged” TV-MA

THE NEVERS: Tuesday, Feb. 14 on Tubi
1:28 pm ET The Nevers Ep 106 “True” TV-MA
2:38 pm The Nevers Ep 107 “It’s a Good Day” TV-MA
3:46 pm The Nevers Ep 108 “I Don’t Know Enough About You” TV-MA
4:47 pm The Nevers Ep 109 “Fever” TV-MA

THE NEVERS: Wednesday, Feb. 15 on Tubi
2:40 pm The Nevers Ep 110 “Alright, Okay, You Win” TV-MA
3:45 pm The Nevers Ep 111 “Ain’t We Got Fun” TV-MA
4:50 pm The Nevers Ep 112 “I’ll Be Seeing You” TV-MA
All times are Eastern  

TVLINE | The last episode that aired (May 16, 2021, on HBO) was a complete departure from everything we’d seen before — futuristic and confusing. It revealed that Amalia True was really a “stripe” named Zephyr whose consciousness (maybe?) had been somehow transferred to the body of an old-timey Brit. At the end of that episode, True told Adair that it was time to tell the girls at the school everything, including about “the fight that’s coming.” What can you tell us about that fight?

GOSLETT | Yes, six (written by Jane Espenson and directed by Zetna Fuentes) was an intense episode! Up until then it looked like Amalia’s mission was to save the Touched of Victorian London, but now we know it may also be mysteriously linked to the future of humanity itself. Meanwhile, the stakes of the here and now in 1899 are sky high, and there’s still that glowing entity under London to be considered…. However, whatever Amalia imagines the coming fight is going to be pales in comparison with the actual deep conflict she will have to face over the next half of the series.

TVLINE | I’m also interested to know whether the new episodes will at all ease viewers — who won’t have seen the show since Spring of 2021 — back into the story at all, or if it’ll just chug along and trust that people will be able to keep up.

The new episodes will continue with many of the storylines set up in the first half of the show (which will also be streaming on Tubi), so a rewatch of those would be ideal. But Episode 7 will ease you in to some degree. After all, Amalia did promise to tell the orphans the truth about “everything”… for better or for worse.

TVLINE | Can you tease anything about the flashback that took place toward the end of the last episode that aired. I’m particularly interested in the “Did you think you were the only one who hitched a ride?” part. Does this mean that there are others who are from Zephyr’s time?

Well, all I’m going to say is that you’re right to have been intrigued by that part of the drama: Amalia’s “mega-rippling” experience is going to prove to be very significant in the rest of the series. Can’t say more for risk of spoilers… but let’s talk again when you’ve seen the episodes.

TVLINE | Lastly, will the finale leave fans frustrated, if this turns out to be it? Are there big cliffhangers, or is there a degree of completion to this part of the story?

I think Episode 12 brings all our storylines home to roost in ways which will feel satisfyingly cathartic. There are definitely story elements and character dynamics there which were intended to push into future series [seasons], but they would have been starting a new chapter of The Nevers. I believe that we bring this one to what feels like a natural close.

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