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HBO has shared a podcast interview with Tom Riley and James Norton discussing episode 2 of The Nevers, which aired on HBO at 9pm on Sunday 18th April. Frustratingly for fans around the world, the podcast is geoblocked. No idea why HBO would do that since they want viewers to see the show globally, but Tom Riley fans may need to fire up a VPN to see him chat about Augustus Bidlow. 

Esquire has share a list of The Nevers cast 'turns'. 

Augustus Bidlow

Augie (Tom Riley) is Lavinia’s younger brother, and a Touched one whose turn allows him to channel himself into birds and fly through the skies.

An interview with Ann Skelly mentions working with Tom.

One of the sweeter parts of the episode was the moment where we realized that Augie is not only Touched, but super smitten with our girl Penance. Sure their awkward banter was Joss Whedon 101, but it was effervescently charming. (And we’re rooting for them!)

Ann Skelly told Decider that Augie and Penance’s flirtation added a “lovely personal touch to a great, big, colossal adventure that is going on.”

She also said that filming with Riley was harder than it looked for a hilarious reason. “Tom Riley, he plays Augie, is so funny,” Skelly said with a giggle. “This is the problem… he does every take different and I don’t know where he gets it from. So I’m just like trying. I’m trying to keep my shoulder still,”

Skelly also teased that although Lavinia does not want her brother romancing a Touched, the budding romance between Augie Bidlow and Penance Adair might still have legs.

“My favorite moments between me and Tom are like the opera when they meet each other,” Skelly said. “There’s a scene in Episode Five, which is quite cute between them. That’s all I shall say.”

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