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Two photos of Tom Riley filming The Nevers in London on Tuesday have been shared online. Taken by Splash News, and posted on the Daily Mail website, we see Tom as Augie Bidlow dressed in a beautiful blue suit, in Waterloo, London.

Tom Riley transformed into his character Augustus 'Augie' Bidlow as filming got under way for part two of HBO/ Sky Atlantic drama The Nevers on Tuesday. Set in England in 1890s, the actor, 40, was seen on set for the first time to shoot a horse and carriage scene in Waterloo. Tom plays Augie, Lavinia's brother, who is secretly one of the Touched with the power to exchange minds.

The Nevers season 1 part 2 is currently filming in London, but should be coming to the end of the shoot soon, as Ella Smith recently posted on social media about finishing her role in the show. 

CNet has The Nevers included in it's list of best TV shows of 2021.

I'm trying to think of another show that this remarkable endeavor reminds me of. I can't think of anything. The Nevers unravels the mystery of Victorian Londoners -- mostly women -- who manifest supernatural powers after a fantastical ship sails over them in the sky. The "Touched" don't know why they suddenly have powers, and they don't understand why they are now so feared and hated. I love how the mystery slowly unfolds in each episode until it explodes in the final episode (of the first half of season one). When I started that last episode, I literally thought I was watching the wrong show for a few minutes. It was awesome. I loved the kickass, funny, complicated characters and the fact that I just couldn't figure out who the real villains are. I keep looking for another show like this. So far, nada.

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