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Sending love and best wishes to the cast and crew of The Nevers as filming restarts on Joss Whedon's HBO series in London, with Tom Riley as Augustus Bidlow. Co-star Amy Manson posted about completing day 1 of the return on her Instagram account (see photo above). Tom Riley also shared a photo of his post-lockdown hair about to be cut - possibly for his role in The Nevers. 

Writer Madhuri Shekar was interviewed recently by KPFA.org promoting her play "In Love And Warcraft". The interview also included some insights into her part of The Nevers writers room. Madhuri Shekar’s tells us that her first TV job was for an incredible, wonderful thing - she got to write for Joss Whedon’s TV show The Nevers, which is slated to come out on HBO probably in 2021.

Madhuri moved to Los Angeles for 6 months to be in the The Nevers writers room, and reveals it was really great working for Joss Whedon, as she grew up watching all his TV shows. The writers room for The Nevers was apparently wonderful and really diverse, with everyone being lovely, charming, and so funny. Madhuri describes the show as period, set in Victorian times, about really strong women which is Joss Whedon’s trade mark (which we all know). It is his show, his vision and his story that the writers in the room serve. The interview reveals more about the writing process for The Nevers, so listen and download here.


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