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Congratulations to all the cast and crew of The Nevers. England entered a second lockdown last week, and some of the cast and crew members from HBO's The Nevers posted news that their part in the series wrapped on Sunday 8th November 2020. DP Kate Reid shared Instagram stories today revealing all, while Amy Manson shared that she had finished filming her role in the Joss Wedon directed series last week. The series started shooting in London summer 2019. One of the above photos was shared on Instagram by Andrew Mckenzie, assistant to Joss Whedon. Tom Riley shared a photo from Los Angeles this week, so he has left the country already!

The Nevers got a mention in The Guardian, part of an article about TV and film studios in UK, and it references an old interview with Adrian Wooton.

Adrian Wootton, the chief executive of Film London and the British Film Commission, says that in March his organisation was given official permission by the government to help untangle red tape for productions not able to find traditional studio space. Last year, Film London helped Joss Whedon’s Victorian sci-fi drama for HBO, The Nevers, convert a disused factory in London into filming space.

We recently had an interview with Nick Frost who shared some fantastic news about the series and a Denis O'Hare interview also revealed some fascinating tit-bits. Thank you to lovely Tanya for translating.

  • Denis believes it will be shown in Spring 2021 and could be be 12 episodes, not 10.
  • The series will be shown in 2 parts - the first part will be 6 episodes.
  • It's about super powerful women from the Victorian era, the 19th century in London.
  • Many actors are Irish, and he likes the Irish: they are very strong and funny.
  • Denis loved working with Joss Whedon, as he is very smart, and always on the set.
  • Denis finished 2 days of shooting in London in September.

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