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Several online media outlets have shared their 5 minute zoom sessions with the cast of new Netflix series The Woman In The House Across The Road From The Girl In The Window. Kristen Bell is bubbly and very chatty in each interview, but we also manage to get a few tit-bits from Tom Riley: including the fact his favourite tipple is a Manhattan, and he favours a chicken and leek casserole. 

There is another video interview on ET Online, which includes a new glimpse of Tom Riley's character, Neil. 

The cast not only had to make room for some of the show's inanimate objects, but for some of the "good bad acting" they had to adjust to in the mystery spoof series that's a take on all those woman-gone-mad-in-the-house films.

"That's the joy for us, for me especially, that's the main joy of it, was letting go of that bit of you that feels you're not able to crank the dial to be able to get this scene quite right." Riley shared. "It felt like when you were feeling like that, incredible writers and directors would say, 'No that's good,' just lean into the fact that it feels bad."

TV Insider shared some other tit-bits from the cast.

Boozing doesn’t help Anna’s outlook because it makes things harder to trust. When Neil and Emma move into the neighborhood, their arrival certainly triggers something in Anna. “Neil’s presence does two things,” Riley explains. “One, it gives [Anna] a positive way out of this funk that she’s finding herself in because he’s full of potential and hope.” The flipside to that is, “It doesn’t help that she can then go down a slightly darker rabbit hole and decide that he could be dangerous.”

It is through Anna’s observations that her vision of Neil is formed, but she tends to fill in the blanks with her imagination. “She’s inventing a story in her head about who he might be and what that might mean for her,” Riley adds, describing his arrival in the neighborhood as the equivalent to somebody throwing “a bomb into the mind of someone who is already a little bit unstable, to begin with.”

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