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More interviews are being shared online from The Woman In The House Across The Street From The Girl In The Window press day. In the embedded video, Tom talks about tricks he used during filming to Screenrant. 

What is the trick of doing this, where it is a kind of subtle satire? I assume it goes against your acting tricks and rules. What are the tricks, Tom, that you use in the show to kind of play it subtly?

Tom Riley: Calling it a trick is interesting because I think, probably by halfway through, it did become a bit of a trick, being able to access the part of you that wasn't embarrassed that what you were doing was fundamentally bad. But that you were sort of expressing, credibly, what could be perceived as clunky dialogue, with the utmost sincerity and self-belief. It just feels so alien to you, when you spend so long trying to make something work and seem true. To just be like, "It doesn't matter whether or not it feels true to you. It feels true to the world. So just commit to the world and forget about you." That was the trick. I guess.


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