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Modern Life Is Rubbish


Rom-Com feature film directed by Daniel Gill


First brought together by their shared love of music, ten years later Liam and Natalie have reached a breaking point. Opposites attract, but aren’t necessarily working long-term. Liam, a struggling musician, cannot let go of his vinyl collection and refuses to adapt to a world of smartphones and instant downloads. Natalie has let go of her dream of designing album covers and has become a rising star at her advertising firm. As they make the difficult decision to separate, they start by splitting their prized music library, but the soundtrack that defined their relationship keeps pulling them back together.

Tom Riley's role


Filming locations / Dates

October - November 2015

Release Dates

US: cinema 27th April 2018
US: DVD 12th June 2018

UK: cinema 4th May 2018
UK: DVD 7th May 2018

Belgium / Netherlands: DVD 16th May 2018


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