Ill Behaviour: Region 2 DVD release September 2017

Tom Riley fans can now pre-order Ill Behaviour on region 2 DVD from Amazon UK, prior to its release on 11th September 2017. There appear to be no extras included, and definitely no blooper reel - as according to an interview with Jessica Regan to promote the show, there wasn't one.

At the wrap party we were told that we didn’t really have a blooper reel because none of us messed up our lines, you had to know them. We didn’t have time to mess them up. The thing is it looks so cinematic on screen and I love that. 

Ill Behaviour will begin weekly broadcast on BBC 2 at 10pm on Sunday 20th August 2017. If you haven't watched it yet, the three episodes are still available on iPlayer.

Ill Behaviour: filming location and broadcast news

There is a new article on Gloucestershire Live about filming of The Crown in Gloucestershire, that also contains some interesting location and broadcast tit-bits about 'Ill Behaviour', the new BBC comedy drama series by Sam Bain, directed by Steve Bendelack (not Steve Pemberton as mentioned below), which Tom may be filming at the moment.

Da Vinci's Demons: re-creating Machu Picchu for season 2

Today's Independent has an interview with several production designers, including Ed Thomas, who shared behind the scenes photos and sketches from season 2, and reveals some interesting tit-bits about creating the Peruvian scenes.

In order to recreate the 15th-century, mountain-top Inca site of Machu Picchu, along with Peruvian beaches and jungle, for an episode of 'Da Vinci's Demons', production designer Edward Thomas began in the graphics department: "I sit down with the computer graphics guys and say, 'Can you provide me with backdrop?'

For the beach, we went to a military beach in South Wales, which is closed to the public, and we took South American plants there. "We then went to Heligan Gardens in Cornwall, which has this array of amazing South American plants, and from there we go to a quarry in mid-Wales for our rocky mountain paths to Machu Picchu, before finally building our set of Machu Picchu back in Swansea."

Could the military beach be Bullslaughter Bay, or close to it? It certainly looks similar.