The Nevers: Region 1 DVD & Blu-ray released today

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While we wait for season 1 part 2 of The Nevers to complete filming, the first part of season 1 is now available on DVD and Blu-ray. For fans in the US and Canada anyway. The boxset comes with lots of lovely extras, including interviews with Tom Riley discussing his character Augie Bidlow. Fans outside the US can either use a multi-region DVD player to watch, or wait until the boxset is released in the UK and other countries.


Doctor Who: Previous Guest Stars Who’d Be Great as the New Doctor

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Den of Geek has posted an article about possible actors to take over the role of Doctor Who. Tom Riley has been included! Read the full list on the website.


The Nevers: season 1 part 1 DVD and Blu-ray release on 5th October 2021

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Great news for fans of The Nevers! Season 1 part 1 will be released on DVD and Blu-ray on 5th October 2021, and will include lots of bonus extras. The DVD will be sold on Amazon US for $24.98, and I see it on Amazon UK, but no release date details are available for UK. This site has lots of details about the release.


The Nevers: VFX EMMY nomination!!

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The 2021 EMMY nominations were revealed today. Sadly there were none for the acting roles, but the VFX team have been nominated for the Ignition episode! Congratulations!

The good news is that more episodes of The Nevers are being filmed right now in London, and the cast are sharing more behind the scenes glimpses on Instagram, which can keep us going until the second half of season 1 is broadcast on HBO next year. Check out Tom Riley's Instagram page for mre. 


The Nevers: production begins on season 1 part 2

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Tom Riley shared a new photo on Instagram indicating that second half of The Nevers season 1 has started production.

This is backed up by an article on The Wrap website which offers more details. 


The Nevers: more fun press junket interviews

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To promote the Sky Atlantic and NOW TV broadcast of The Nevers, a few more video interviews have been shared online, which include Tom Riley chatting about The Nevers and his character Augustus Bidlow, as well as joining in fun with the rest of the cast. In one video Tom Riley and James Norton reveal that neither has seen Game of Thrones. 


The Nevers: EDI VFX Breakdown

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There is an excellent video showing the VFX breakdown for The Nevers by Italian company Effetti Digitali Italiani. We see a great scene with Tom Riley's character Augustus Bidlow towards the end of the video. Check out the EDI website for more information.


The Nevers: new HQ episode stills from Far Far Away

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Far Far Away website has shared new HQ episode stills from The Nevers, which includes a few new ones of Tom Riley as Augustus Bidlow. Take a wander through the site to find them all. 

Don't forget that 6 episodes of The Nevers are available to watch on Sky Atlantic and NOW TV in UK. 


The Nevers: Tom reveals how he prepared for his role as Augie Bidlow

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Buzzfeed shared a fun new interview with Tom Riley to promote The Nevers. Tom reveals how he prepared for the role of Augustus Bidlow, some easter eggs viewers might have missed, and a power he would like to have. Also: James Norton's beautiful eyes make Tom forget his lines. 

Five reasons why Tom Riley thinks you should watch The Nevers.


The Nevers: Riley is extremely endearing as Augie

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The Nevers launches in the UK on Sky Atlantic tonight, and is also available to stream from NOW TV. In advance of the UK premiere, a great new review for The Never has been shared online by critic Matthew Turner, who loved the show and had kind words to say about Tom Riley as Augustus Bidlow. Read it in full on the Hero Collector website.