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Starz shared this behind the scenes photo of the Da Vinci's demons finale on Instagram. With the final episode of Da Vinci's Demons broadcasting around the world last week, a few more reviews and recommendations for the show have appeared online: TV Equals sharing a detailed review, and SnapPow including the show in its best of list for 2015.

Da Vinci’s Demons returned for it’s third and final season this year, with the historical fantasy drama ending in fantastic fashion. Despite not initially getting off to as good a start as its first two seasons, the show would prove to be one of the most consistent shows in the 2015 calendar giving us some marvellous twists along the way. This all culminates in the huge battle between Florence and the Ottoman Empire as having set the grounds for this historical moment since the season’s premiere episode, it was nice to see it end in an exciting fashion. The more mysterious element of the show also remain present until the end, bringing this unique take on the famous artist to a fabulous conclusion. SnapPow

I haven’t even mentioned Tom Riley yet! While his Leonardo da Vinci may have not been the most dynamic character presented, I thought he did a fine job inhabiting some very big shoes. TV Equals

Hey, it wasn't as easy as it looks being one of the greatest geniuses in history who invented just about everything and painted "Mona Lisa" too. He had demons, after all. But Tom Riley as "D" still manages to make it all look fun. Newsday

Starz also shared a video message from Tom, thanking fans for watching the show.



Attention Artistas, Tom Riley has something he'd like to share with all who helped us complete our quest.

Posted by Da Vinci's Demons on Tuesday, 29 December 2015


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