Ill Behaviour: a surprising comedy win!

Showtime has shared a new preview video for episode 1, in advance of Ill Behaviour's broadcast next Monday, 13th November. In addition, a couple of great articles have been shared online; My San Antonio also sharing some new episode stills, including the gorgeous one above of Tom Riley and Chrissy Chong.  

Ill Behaviour: Tom Riley and Chris Geere have a strong chemistry together

The BBC shared a new teaser for Ill Behaviour yesterday (embedded below), while another great review for Ill Behaviour has been shared on Yahoo, with some kind words about Tom Riley as Charlie. Read it in full on the website (note Lizzy Caplan's name is spelled incorrectly), and catch up with Ill Behaviour on BBC iPlayer

Ill Behaviour manages to pull off a clever trick in its opening scenes. It starts with standard sitcom fare; Joel (Chris Geere) has been left by his wife of ten years. He’s sitting on a balcony in his underwear, and throwing money off the side of a building. You could build a programme around this moment on its own – with Charlie (Tom Riley) and Tess (Jessica Regan) helping Joel rebuild his life, sending him off on dates with Nadia (Lizzy Kaplan) and so on and so forth. And up to a point it does this – but it breezes quickly through it, an act of narrative substitution shifts quickly away from a despondent Joel...