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The Telegraph has shared another great review for Tom Riley's performance as Neil in Netflix series The Woman In The House Across The Street From The Girl In The Window. Fans will be able to find out for themselves this Friday 28th January on Netflix! Read the review in full on The Telegraph website. Interesting that so far the British media seems to love the show more than US media.

What’s clever about The Woman in the House is that it isn’t just jokes. There are plenty of set-ups and pay-offs but there’s also a perfectly workable whodunit underpinning the four hours, complete with jump scares, some brilliant sound design and a series of excellent performances from actors of the calibre of Tom Riley and Mary Holland.

Pop Sugar has shared an interview with the cast of the new limited series, with a few words from Tom Riley about the show. Kristen Bell reveals that Tom and Michael Ealy are so fnny on set, it was difficult to get through some scenes. 

What was your reaction when you read the finale's big twist?

"Reading [about the ending] was a shock," Riley says. "We shot all the episodes at once. So we knew by the time we'd started filming how it was going to end, but reading it, I didn't see it coming."

What's one clue you'd give the audience to help suss out the killer?

Bell: There's no way that anyone will figure out who the killer is. It was [easier to predict] on The Good Place that we were in hell than it would be to predict this killer. I guess the only thing I can say is everyone's a suspect.  

Ealy: I don't know if there is a clue that would really sell it. You have to really kind of watch everybody carefully because it's not who you think it is. Riley: I don't want to give a clue. I want people to have absolutely no idea, to go in completely fresh and open to the potential that it could be anyone, because it could be — and is — anyone. Maybe more than one person. Bell: Maybe it's no one . . .

Screen Chatter has uploaded a brief video interview with Tom Riley, Kristen Bell and Michael Ealy. Video embedded below. 

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