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News of season 3 from David S. Goyer along with some great photos.

Hello to all our loyal fans. I’m in Swansea with most of the gang, including Peter Hoar, our producing director. We’re doing some additional shooting for the season climax. On Saturday, we head back to London for more editing and VFX work. We’ve got quite a few surprises coming up.

New characters. Saying goodbye to a few series regulars (place your bets now). And the unexpected return of a few persons that, well… seemed to be dead. It’s pretty damn epic. To whet your appetite, here are a few behind the scenes pics I took. The first few are of a scene filmed at Margam Park, our “back lot”.

That’s Leo, Zo, and Nicco…plus a mystery cast member, played by Sabrina Bartlett.

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