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Two new reviews have been shared today, with very kind words about Tom Riley's performance! And  Hampstead Theatre shared a new production photo, with Tom having fun as Seth, it seems. 

Anna Ledwich's slick production stars the impressive Hayley Atwell as the ruthlessly mercenary Jenny whose lack of any emotional intelligence is played for laughs. There are also strong performances from Tom Riley as the indecisive Seth who has more of a social conscience and Aidan McArdle as the aggressively manipulative Rick who has the final say. Where equity means finance not fairness, it's money not morals that talks. Londonist

Standing against Jenny is the man who has brought the deal to the company. Seth (Tom Riley) has been building a relationship with Landmark Luggage's boss Jeff (Joseph Balderrama) and is looking out for the luggage employees as he brokers the deal with Rick. Jenny and Seth will battle it out in a comedic battle, with her hawk to his dove.

The acting performances are really excellent. All three equity firm employees are believable and Hayley Atwell has an acidic, steely personality determined to get the better of her nemesis Seth. I noticed also how many times Jenny says "I apologise" to Rick as if what she has to say might offend him, but she says it anyway quickly followed by "I apologise". By contrast she never holds back her ball breaking powers in dealing with Seth. Rick's role is to waver, listening to both Seth and Jenny before deciding which course of action to take and McArdle as Rick carries the weight of the final decision on his shoulders. Curtain Up

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