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Tom Riley fans in Australia can see Ill Behaviour on ABC television from Monday 8th January, as the first of 6 x 30 minute episodes begins broadcast at 9.30pm.

ILL BEHAVIOUR Series premiere ★★★★ 9.30pm, ABC Comedy

Masters of Sex leading lady Lizzy Caplan has an intriguing support role in this twisty comedy thriller about an audacious medical intervention. An apparent oncologist with a curt manner and hints of a darker side, she appears as a strange interloper in the establishing episode that centres around three friends with vastly different views on life. A tight script and excellent performances explore the curly issue of alternative medicine. WAToday

A comedy thriller about three friends who embark on a journey that takes them to the extremes of their friendship, crossing every boundary imaginable to save a life. Why you should tune in: This dementedly dark comedy thriller about the limits and lunacies of friendship comes from the Bafta-winning co-creator of Peep Show. Queensland Times

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