Ill Behaviour

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Ill Behaviour: the acting is excellent throughout, Riley plays Charlie well

In advance of tonight's episode of Ill Behaviour, Showtime has shared a preview video. Online reviews for the show's broadcast in the US have continued to be a little mixed, but all agree about the uniformly excellent acting. Tune in to see Tom Riley as Charlie in episode 3 tonight, on Showtime from 10.30pm.

The show’s premise is certainly unique and intriguing, and for the most part, the acting is excellent throughout. Geere is charming and awkward and breathes life into a character who is frankly a pathetic, directionless deadbeat who should be completely unlikeable. Charlie’s decision to forego chemotherapy is actually motivated by seeing his own mother’s experiences with chemotherapy, and Riley portrays him as a caring family man. Caplan doesn’t miss a beat playing the most uncomfortable character of the bunch: a completely humorless cynic. Michigan Daily

Ill Behaviour: available to stream via Amazon Prime

Showtime has shared a preview video for episode 2 of Ill Behaviour, which will broadcast tonight at 10.30pm. A couple of reviews / previews recommend that you tune in past episode 1, though I take issue with TV and City's 'sort of sexual assault' comment - would they have felt the same if the character roles were reversed?.

Billed as a dark comedy, I found myself feeling a little uneasy with the premise surrounding impending death and not laughing all that much. The dialogue is sharp and the cast is great. I honestly could have given or taken the show up until the last few seconds, but now I’m hooked and need to see where this goes. I’m sticking with it, and I suggest you do the same. Tracking Board

Ill Behaviour: wildly imaginative comedy starts 10.30pm tonight on Showtime!

Tom Riley fans in the US currently have quite a treat on their TV screens. Sunday nights on Masterpiece PBS offer Tom as Claude Sabine in The Collection, while Ill Behaviour, with Tom as Charlie, begins broadcast on Showtime at 10.30pm tonight. From dark period drama to modern day dark comedy. Vastly different genres, styles and characters, and whilst somehow making it all look effortless, Tom shows us in both just how great his acting range is. So much to enjoy. 

Ill Behaviour: Perfect for anyone with a taste for twisted humour

Chris Geere shared the above graphic on Twitter to remind us not to miss Ill Behaviour (with Tom Riley fantastic as Charlie), on Showtime tomorrow night. But dont just take my word for it, Ill Behaviour continues to be recommended by the online press. The Washington Post has Ill Behaviour in its weekly highlights, and Glamour US included the show in its list of TV shows and movies not to be missed this week. 

Monday, November 13 Ill Behaviour:

This popular BBC show is finally available to American audiences. It centers on a group of people who try to reason with their friend (Chris Geere) when he decides to stop undergoing chemotherapy treatments in favor of more unconventional cancer-killing methods. Lizzy Caplan also stars. 10:30 P.M. ET on Showtime