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In advance of the broadcast of Agatha Christie's Murder Is Easy on BBC One on 27th and 28th December, the BBC has shared some promotional material. We have a gorgeous new photo of Tom as Lord Whitfield, and also a brief interview with him. The first interview in a long time. We need more!

Tell us about the series and where we find your character at the start of the series.

Murder is Easy is a grand, period, whodunnit where you think you know who has done it for most of the show, and you're going to be wrong every time. Lord Whitfield is enjoying the spoils of his riches as the richest guy in the village of Wychwood under Ashe. He's very comfortable and very happy with where he is. Certainly, he is performing the role of a Lord and a generational Lord, when in actual fact, his father wasn't this at all, and had no money whatsoever. I think my character believes he sits above any struggle, and nothing exists to convince him otherwise. He believes that everything that comes to him is exactly what he deserves, and can't see any other way. He is a very happy, rich white man, enjoying all the spoils of that, and any of the hierarchical struggles are below him, in his eyes.

Why do you think audiences continue to be drawn to Agatha Christie’s work?

I think people are always going to be drawn to great characters, to good and evil, and to the idea that tragedy could happen any minute in the most unexpected places. At the same time, it’s also fun and a little camp and enjoyable. It's great to get a window into a world that has receded into the rear-view mirror, especially one that looks as lush as we've made this.

The official BBC website for the show is now live but weirdly, Tom's name is not in the cast list. 

There is a TV tie-in release of the Muder Is Easy novel which is available to buy from all good retailers. Tom's character is included on the cover.

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