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Tom Riley and the cast of The Nevers posted details on social media over the weekend of the recent press junket for HBO's The Nevers, which begins broadcast in the US on April 11th 2021. 

While we wait for the interviews to be posted online, Uproxx seems to be the first outlet to post a great preview for the show. 

If you look past the Joss Whedon of it all — and hopefully, you can — The Nevers is a terrific fantasy drama. Set in Victorian Era England, this steampunk period-piece sports major X-Men-but-with-corsets vibes. Picking up a few years after a mysterious event leaves a select group of Londoners with extra-ordinary abilities, the show centers on two gifted women running an orphanage that provides sanctuary for these “Touched” individuals. There are underground orgies galore, plus a handful of kick-ass action sequences and some intricate world-building, but it’s the show’s leads — Laura Donnelly and Ann Skelly — that really make this thing worth watching. 

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