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Binge Australia has revealed that The Nevers will be available for streaming on April 12th. HBO Nordic and Espanol are also broadcasting on 12th April 2021. 

Laura Donnelly and Anne Skelly were interviewed by EW, and there was mention of returning to film the second half of season 1 later this year, as well as discussing the departure of showrunner Joss Whedon.

SKELLY: I loved working with Joss. I found him to be a lovely boss and director, he was very open. I felt he cared a lot for the actors and the crew. It was definitely one of my favorite on-set experiences for sure.

DONNELLY: From my personal experience, it was the best screen, film or TV, experience that I've had on any set. From my point of view, he always felt very supportive and protective of the artistic integrity and what we as actors needed in order to be able to do our job. One of the great things was the way that trickled down. I've never worked on a show that has a cast and a crew that all seem to be so at the top of their game and who are all so lovely and I say that without a single exception. They have just been such a joy to work with and I'm so thrilled that the vast majority we'll be back with later this year doing the rest of the series because it's been one of the best experiences of my career.

Another interview with director of photography Seamus McGarvey can be heard on this podcast. He discusses filming the first episodes, before handing over to Katie Reid.

Tom Riley fans in UK have to wait until 17th May to watch The Nevers on Sky Atlantic. Hope there wont be too many spoilers. 

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