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Tonight, episode 3 of The Nevers will broadcast on HBO at 9pm. There is no sign of Tom Riley as Augustis Bidlow in any preview videos or promotional photos for this week, sadly. UK fans still have to wait until 17th May to watch the series. The video below is a preview for episode 3, and not geoblocked.

SUNDAY, APRIL 25 (9:00-10:00 p.m ET/PT)

Penance (Ann Skelly) creates an amplifier to spread Mary’s (Eleanor Tomlinson) hope-inspiring song across the city – but first, Mary (Tomlinson) must find her elusive voice. As danger mounts against her group, Amalia (Laura Donnelly) propositions an unlikely ally and sets out to expand the Orphanage’s reach. Swann (James Norton) further entangles Augie (Tom Riley) and Mundi (Ben Chaplin) in his business affairs.

Written by Kevin Lau; Directed by David Semel.

There are a couple of reviews for the first two episodes by Small Screen UK online, who seemed to love the show. Read episode 1 here and episode 2 here. They are spoilerish.


Speaking of romance, I love the chemistry between Penance (Ann Skelly) and Augie (Tom Riley), Skelly and Riley’s scenes together are a pure joy to watch. Both characters are soft and almost calming to watch, especially when they are together. Augie is now aware he is touched; we even discover he can put his mind into a crow and fly in the sky while his human body is still present in the place he is in. He tells Penance how he used to dream about being a crow but then it actually happened in church. We watch Penance and Augie bond in this episode, as Augie hasn’t told anyone he is touched; his own sister doesn’t even know. They bond over similar feelings and thoughts they have both gone and do go through. There is a spark there of romance and I want to see more of it because Augie is still a hidden touched and his presence with Penance is a big social class no no, so it will be interesting how Augie in particular navigates this complex issue. Augie clearly likes Penance; he can be himself around her but his sister is getting in the way because he has a character and position to uphold.

Ann Skelly chatted to Decider and mentioned how great it was working scenes with Tom Riley for the first 2 episodes. 

The Nevers Star Ann Skelly Loves the Penance/Augie Flirting Scenes

One of the sweeter parts of the episode was the moment where we realized that Augie is not only Touched, but super smitten with our girl Penance. Sure their awkward banter was Joss Whedon 101, but it was effervescently charming. (And we’re rooting for them!)

Ann Skelly told Decider that Augie and Penance’s flirtation added a “lovely personal touch to a great, big, colossal adventure that is going on.” She also said that filming with Riley was harder than it looked for a hilarious reason.

“Tom Riley, he plays Augie, is so funny,” Skelly said with a giggle. “This is the problem… he does every take different and I don’t know where he gets it from. So I’m just like trying. I’m trying to keep my shoulder still,” Skelly also teased that although Lavinia does not want her brother romancing a Touched, the budding romance between Augie Bidlow and Penance Adair might still have legs. “My favorite moments between me and Tom are like the opera when they meet each other,” Skelly said. “There’s a scene in Episode Five, which is quite cute between them. That’s all I shall say.”

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