Happy Ever Afters: Region 1 DVD cover

Amazon.com have uploaded the DVD cover artwork for the Region 1 DVD, which is due to be released on January 11th 2011. It has a new promo photo of Tom as Freddie - a huge version of the cover is available on the Amazon site.

The movieberry.com website has 2 new clips for the film available to watch here and here; while there is a good review for the film I don't think we have seen before from Film Juice.

...Nevertheless, an enjoyable comedy with genuinely hilarious gags. Worth seeing.


Monroe: more location details

The Grammar School at Leeds website has posted an article about a recent drama class visit to the set of Monroe, meeting James Nesbitt. Producer Howard Ella gave them some more background to creating St Matthew's.

Producer Howard Ella told them how he knew immediately that the old school – with its Victorian corridors – was the right space for the set of St Matthew’s Hospital. It took only eight weeks to convert into a working hospital, turning the library into a ward and creating a high-tech operating theatre.

Monroe: tweeted news & behind the scenes photo

Director Paul McGuigan tweeted that he has only four more days of shooting Monroe left, while Tom tweeted a photo from the set of Monroe this morning. Click on the link for the full size photo.

For my 600th tweet, a photo from the set of Monroe. We get daily bread & water, and the wardens are firm but fair.


Thank you to Tom for allowing the site to share.