Arcadia: New York Times review

Brilliant review for Tom in the the New York Times.

Yet if this “Arcadia” lacks the uniform surface sparkle it had when I saw it (with a different cast) in London in 2009, it has acquired something more important: an emotional depth, viscerally rooted, to support its intellectual shimmer. This conviction comes across — with gusto and delicacy — via four performers who embody two almost-couples of two different eras. That would be Tom Riley and Bel Powley, portraying an early-19th-century tutor and his aristocratic pupil, and Lia Williams and Billy Crudup, in the late 20th century, as literary rivals and occasional collaborators. (For the record, though I said “gusto and delicacy,” the delicate part really applies only to Mr. Riley and Ms. Williams.)...

Arcadia: great Associated Press review

Mark Kennedy for the Associated Press has posted a great review of the play, though without any specific mention of Tom's performance.

This beguiling production of what Stoppard has called "a thriller and a romantic tragedy with jokes" is beautifully knit by Leveaux and led by some wonderful performances...

The Hollywood Reporter wasn't so keen on the play overall, but did highlight Tom's role.

Riley brings depth and wily humor to Septimus (a role played by Crudup in the play's 1995 Broadway debut), who steadily realizes the originality of his young student's thinking...

Arcadia: TDF Stages interview

The TDF Stages website has an interview with Tom about mastering the text of Arcadia. Read the interview in full on the TDF Stages website

...Tom Riley, the rising British actor who plays Septimus in the current Broadway revival of the 1993 play, recalls asking Stoppard about the nuances of this command.

“I said to him, ‘Is the idea that I’ve just given this speech about free will and self-determination, and then I see the tortoise move and I stop it moving? Is that the joke?’ And he said, ‘Mmmmm, I’m not really interested in the deep stuff. I just think you should say “Sit” to the tortoise like you’re saying it to a dog.’ “I find it interesting that he had university lecturers address the cast of the original production,” Riley continues. “Now he just says, ‘Make the joke funnier.’”...

Arcadia: interview for Canadian Press

The Canadian Press has posted an interview with Tom and the other male leads in Arcadia, where they discuss their roles. Read it in full on the website.

"On the page he appears quick, charming, a grinning smiling Cheshire cat with a raised eyebrow," Riley said of the role of Septimus. "But the more you delve into it, the more complex and deep it becomes."..

...Neither actor has imposed his opinions on Riley, for which he is grateful. The actor is making his Broadway debut, never before performing in front of an audience of a thousand. Riley's Septimus is clever and sly, slipping his lines in as one-liners, giving the audience a moment to realize, and then guffaw. "It's really a harder role than I thought when I accepted it," he said. "It's an incredible challenge to confront that sense of mischief he has with the darker forces at play later on."

There is a wonderful drawing of the cast by artist Justin Robertson on

Arcadia: official site media update

The official Arcadia on Broadway website has been updated with a media section, which includes hires photos of the cast and video interviews. 

The play, currently in previews, opens on 17th March. The NY Times Artsbeat blog reported on Broadway ticket sales.

The new revival of “Arcadia” and John Leguizamo’s new play, “Ghetto Klown,” also had good sales for productions still in previews.