Da Vinci's Demons: Tom Riley introduces First on FOX

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UK fans may want to keep an eye on FOX TV. Tom, dressed as Leonardo, is featured in a brilliant, brand new promo video for the autumn 2014 season - First on FOX.

We all remember our first cinema experience - the scale and ambition, the epic story telling, the amazing special effects, the breath taking stunts - that leave you on the edge of your seat.

So this autumn, if it's on FOX, it's worth a look. After all, with television this good, why go anywhere else?


Da Vinci's Demons: new FOX Sweden launch interviews

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A new interview for Swedish press has been shared online here with another great photo of Tom and Gregg Chillin.  Again, as it is in Swedish, translation is tricky.


Da Vinci's Demons: FOX Sweden launch interview for Filmkritikerna

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One of the interviews from the press day for the FOX Sweden launch has been uploaded to You Tube. Tom and Gregg Chillin chat about filming Da Vinci's Demons, favourite films, Tom reveals recent injuries on set and some tit-bits about Kill Your Friends. They both drink a lot of tea.

Da Vinci's Demons season 1 begins tonight on FOX Sweden.


Da Vinci's Demons: new FOX TV Sweden launch party photos & interview

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Lots of new photos of Tom and Gregg Chillin, taken at last night's FOX Sweden launch party in Stockholm, have been shared online, and have been added to the galleries. You can find more on these Instagram accounts here here and here.


Da Vinci's Demons: FOX TV Sweden launch party photos

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Some amazing photos of Tom and Gregg Chillin, in Stockholm this evening to help launch the new FOX TV channel in Sweden, have been shared on Instagram and Facebook. Gregg also kindly shared a pre-party photo on Twitter. 


Da Vinci's Demons: Facebook thank you video

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The official Da Vinci's Demons Facebook Page has shared a video of Tom, Gregg and Hera thanking the 500,000 fans for liking the page. Tom's challenge is to get 1 million likes by the end of the year.  


Da Vinci's Demons: BAFTA Cymru best actor nomination for Tom!

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Huge congratulations to Tom, who has been nominated as best actor in the 2014 BAFTA Cymru awards, just announced.  Da Vinci's Demons has been nominated in 4 categories in total. The awards ceremony will be held on 26th October.

The Shortlist


Richard Harrington – Y Gwyll/Hinterland


Da Vinci's Demons season 3 set visit interview - part 2

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Did you notice differences when you were filming Kill Your Friends and Doctor Who, after filming Da Vinci’s Demons for so long?

I kind of like the lack of pressure. You know, on Doctor Who, it is very much Peter’s [Capaldi] new thing, and it’s got to be right. Admittedly, I am in that episode a lot! It’s a big part, but I was really aware that it was Peter’s show, and the pressure was on him. He was brilliant with it. He was fantastic.

Steven Moffat said some really lovely things to the press about your performance in Doctor Who.


Da Vinci's Demons season 3 set visit interview - part 1

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Are you enjoying the full producer role?

Yes, it’s been very interesting. Last year the co-producer role really only kicked in half way through. So, I only got a chance to do, what I hoped I could do, from episodes 3 and 4, and later. They’ve been really generous to me - really kind about it. They’ve taken on board things I have suggested. Things I haven’t liked as much, they’ve listened. It’s a give and take situation. Ultimately, there were enough strong, creative voices, that we came out with something we are very proud of with season 2.


Da Vinci's Demons: a lot of action, intrigue & da Vinci in season 3

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Starz has shared a brilliant new behind the scenes video from the start of filming Da Vinci's Demons season 3. It features interviews with new showrunner John Shiban, Elliot Cowan, Gregg Chillin, and lots of Tom. 

John Shiban promises that season 3 will bring a lot of action, a lot of intrigue and best of all for us, a lot of da Vinci!