Da Vinci's Demons: season 3 pre-production video

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Starz has shared a brilliant short video, filmed last week, when the cast met for the first read through for Da Vinci's Demons season 3.

We get lots of Tom presenting the set for the new season as filming begins; and also a brief glimpse of Gregg Chillin with the rest of the cast. 



Da Vinci's Demons: what to expect in season 3

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THE stars of Da Vinci's Demons say they are looking forward to heading back to Swansea Bay for the start of filming series three. The cameras are set to roll on the next installment of the top historical fantasy, which is packed with twists and turns and political intrigue, on June 23.


Da Vinci's Demons: WalesOnline interview & more Cardiff screening photos

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Riley has recently been filming near Caerphilly for the Robots of Sherwood episode which uses the Robin Hood legend to give The Doctor and assistant Clara Oswald, Jenna Coleman, a new medieval adventure. He says of the shoot:


Da Vinci's Demons: season 2 Red Dot Diva interview & photos

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In this early morning press session, Tom Riley, who plays young Leonard Da Vinci the legendary inventor and artist from history, and the series' creator David S. Goyer talked about what viewers could expect in Season 2.


Da Vinci's Demons: season 2 finale & DaVincithon

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Starz has added a new video segment on the website, promoting next Saturday's Da Vinci's Demons season 2 finale. Prior to the finale broadcast on 31st May at 9pm, all episodes from Da Vinci's Demons season 2 will be aired, and apparently the cast will be live tweeting through it all. Keep an eye on the Starz website for more details. 



Da Vinci's Demons: Tom & Gregg chat S3 with EW & Access Hollywood

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Apparently in Los Angeles at the moment to meet the new Da Vinci's Demons writing team, Tom and Gregg Chillin also found time for a couple of interviews yesterday. Access Hollywood shared their fun video online -watch below, while you can read part 1of the new EW Community interview in full on their website.


Da Vinci's Demons: Yahoo News interview

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A new interview with Tom, apparently from before the season 3 news was revealed, has been posted by Yahoo News. Read it in full on the site.


Da Vinci's Demons: 2 new interviews with Tom

New interviews with Tom discussing Da Vinci's Demons seasons 1 and 2 have been shared online. The first is from Collider.com. Read it in full on the site.

Collider: How much fun is it to play Leonardo a Vinci?

TOM RILEY: It’s fun, particularly with where we get to take him this season. It’s a proper arc. He ends the season in a very different place from where he started. 


Shortlist Magazine: Middle Class Wars interview

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A new and fun interview with Tom has been shared by Shortlist Magazine, along with a gorgeous photo from the Da Vinci's Demons LA press conference and photocall in March. 

The interview to see who is more middle class, between Tom and Ken Livingstone, compares answers to the same questions. We find out about Tom's fast food preferences and his golf skills.