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Pushing Dead: strong actors in the lead roles

A new article about Pushing Dead, including an interview with writer / director Tom Brown, has been shared online in advance of the film's screening at the upcoming Damn These Heels film festival in Utah. Of interest is the timeliness of the film's subject, given current US politics, how Tom Brown managed to get the film made, and has a brief mention of Tom Riley's character and storyline.

The production soldiered on, with strong actors in the lead roles: James Roday ("Psych") as Dan; Robin Weigert ("Deadwood") as Paula, Dan's roommate and the sister of his deceased boyfriend; Danny Glover as Bob, the crotchety owner of a bar where Dan works as a bouncer and poetry-slam emcee; Khandi Alexander ("Treme") as Dot, Bob's fiery wife; and British actor Tom Riley ("Da Vinci's Demons") as Mike, with whom Dan launches a tentative romance.

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Pushing Dead: award wins at FilmOut San Diego

Still no date for the theatrical or DVD release of Pushing Dead yet, but the film continues to do well at various film festivals around the world. Congratulations are in order, as yesterday Pushing Dead won a number of awards at FilmOut in San Diego, including the jury award for best narrative feature!

Fans can next catch Pushing Dead at the Damn These Heels film festival in Utah on July 16th 2017.

When a struggling writer, HIV positive for 20+ years, accidentally deposits a $100 birthday check, he is dropped from his health plan for earning too much. In this new era of sort-of universal care, can he take on a helpless bureaucracy or come up with $3000 a month to buy meds on his own?

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Pushing Dead: utterly delightful and brilliantly funny comedy

US fans in Ohio can get the chance to see Pushing Dead in a second film festival there in April - Columbus International Film Festival, while a screening in Atlanta at Living Room and Out On Film has been announced for May 1st.

The Independent included Pushing Dead in its 'best of' list at this year's BFI Flare Festival. Certainly, the audience at the screening I was at seemed to love the film - the on screen chemistry between Tom and James Roday as Mike and Dan in Pushing Dead, worth the price of admission alone.

Pushing Dead is a comedy about AIDS. Yes. Seriously. And it’s utterly hilarious. From the excellent Tom E. Brown, this utterly delightful and brilliantly funny comedy will have you laughing from the get-go, while simultaneously telling the story of living and finding love with HIV.

Pushing Dead: Tom Riley as Mike brings an understated performance

Pushing Dead continues with its many international festival screenings, and this coming weekend, will be shown twice at the BFI Flare festival in London. In advance of the festival, a lovely review for the film, and Tom's performance, has been shared on this website.

...Tom Riley as Mike, the man Dan crosses paths with so often it must be fated, brings an understated performance whose natural rapport with Roday provides much of the film’s heart.

Pushing Dead doesn’t always play out as expected. Don’t be put off by thinking it’s a ‘typical’ indie, there’s more than enough oddball narrative digressions to make it a bit different from usual fare. The cutaways, creepy young girl, and occasionally surreal moments allow the film to be all the more memorable and entertaining. A character over plot piece, Pushing Dead is warm, entertaining and, surprisingly, rather delightful.