Tortilla: new trailer and behind the scenes photos

Eros Vlahos has shared the first trailer for short film Tortilla on Instagram, along with a few behind the scenes photos from filming in Ibiza a couple of months ago. Tom Riley has a cameo role as Giorgio in the film, and we get a brief glimpse of him in the trailer, embedded below.

There is another photo of Tom on Instagram, but I am blocked (the reason I haven't been around), and can't access / embed it. Have a search on Instagram to see it.


Tortilla: IMDb page updates

The IMDb page for short film Tortilla, formerly known as The White Isle, has added Tom Riley's name and his character 'Giorgio' to the cast list. IMDb has not yet changed the film's title.

Tortilla, written and directed by Eros Vlahos, was filmed last month in Ibiza, with Tom seemingly joining the shoot for a just couple of days. Hopefully we shall get some more news about Tortilla soon. Keep an eye on the Instagram page for the production company 1 UP

Tortilla: short film directed by Eros Vlahos

This new photo of Tom with Eros Vlahos has been shared by Gregg Chillin on Instagram. Gregg and Eros are currently in Ibiza shooting comedy short film Tortilla. Tom apparently joined them yesterday, but it isn't clear if he is visiting his Da Vinci's Demons friends or part of the cast. There are just a few details about Tortilla available. Keep an eye on Instagram for updates. 

TORTILLA, a comedy set in Ibiza, is a short film being used as a pilot for a feature film after 1UP Productions have had interest from Film4. TORTILLA will be filmed in some incredible locations across the island over a 5 day period.

TORTILLA is directed by Eros Vlahos, and produced by Jack Cooper Stimpson and Jason Imlach, starring Jack Bannon among others.

The company are about to have their short REGARDEZ shown at The Paris Film Festival and have a whole host of other projects lined up.