Da Vinci's Demons: brilliant NYCC highlights video

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Starz has uploaded a fabulous video of the highlights from last weekend's NYCC. We see the Da Vinci's Demons team, including Tom, signing autographs and chatting to fans, and later chatting to camera. 

As usual, sadly, it is only viewable to those in the US. 


Da Vinci's Demons: collectors edition soundtrack

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On 22nd October, a collector's edition of the Da Vinci's Demons soundtrack will be available to buy, complete with 30 minutes of bonus music. The press release even has some comments from Tom!

Sparks & Shadows is proud to announce the release of the DA VINCI’S DEMONS SOUNDTRACK (COLLECTOR’S EDITION) on October 22, 2013. 


Da Vinci's Demons: NYCC Coming Soon Net interview

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Coming Soon.net have uploaded their video, of the round table interview with Tom and David S. Goyer, recorded yesterday at NYCC.

It is the same as the Fanhattan interview, but is better quality, which is always appreciated. 


Da Vinci's Demons: NYCC IGN video interview

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IGN have uploaded a great new video interview with Tom and Laura Haddock, from NYCC yesterday. 


Da Vinci's Demons: NYCC press line photos & fan questions

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What's next for da Vinci and Lucrezia?

"Just because s1 ended the way it did doesn't necessarily mean they'll be able to keep themselves away from each other. They ended in a very difficult place but if there is one person that can understand her it's Leonardo."

How does @thisisTomRiley describe da Vinci & Riario's relationship in 3 words?


Da Vinci's Demons: NYCC video interview for Fanhattan

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Some amazing, fun photos of the Da Vinci's Demons cast have appeared online, following the press interview sessions at NYCC today. This one shared by Starz. Check out the Da Vinci's Demons Instagram for the exclusive photos uploaded for those who are following them. 


Da Vinci's Demons Twitter Q&A June 7th 2013

@ManuFanDeKaty What do you think is the worst feature of Da Vinci?
@thisisTomRiley His disregard for other people.

@corellianjedi2 Will you ever have time to come back to Broadway? Would you want to?
@thisisTomRiley In a mayfly’s heartbeat.

@xRebeccaFOXx In playing your character, are you improvising at any part? :) as it all seems rather natural!It seems you clicked instantly
@thisisTomRiley No. It’s all scripted, but David and I made a decision to make him seem as modern and throwaway as possible.


Da Vinci's Demons: new interview with a sleepy but highly charismatic Tom

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As season 1 of Da Vinci's Demons began broadcast this week in New Zealand, the New Zealand Herald has shared a fascinating new interview with a sleepy Tom - he discusses his character and even filming season 2. Read it in full on the website.


Da Vinci's Demons: Sky Mag interview

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A great interview with Tom for Sky Mag Italia, filmed while Tom was in Florence for the Da Vinci's Demons  premiere / press tour in April, finally appeared in online searches!

As well as the main interview, there is footage of the Da Vinci's Demons premiere, with a teasing glimpse or two of Tom watching the screening and also being interviewed at the event.