Da Vinci's Demons: SFX video interview & new photos

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FOX TV UK shared yet another stunning photo of Tom as Leonardo da Vinci, in advance of Friday night's UK TV premiere.

David S. Goyer tweeted a great photo this afternoon of himself, Tom Riley and Tom Bateman outside the sound studios for the DVD commentary.


Da Vinci's Demons: The Point radio interview

A interview from last week, with The Point Radio, has been uploaded online.

The interview features David S. Goyer, Laura Haddock and Tom chatting about the show and their characters. 


Da Vinci's Demons: Tom discovers the demands of a leading role

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This amazing photo of Tom as da Vinci was shared by FOX TV UK on their Facebook Page. Da Vinci's Demons begins broadcast in the UK on Friday 19th April on FOX.

A really interesting new interview with Tom, obtained in Florence for AAP, reveals some of the challenges Tom faced having the lead role in Da Vinci's Demons. Read the interview in full on the website [NB Tom is not Irish].


Da Vinci's Demons: Metro interview with gorgeous new photo

A lovely new interview with Tom for Metro has been posted online accompanied by a really gorgeous photo by Faye Thomas. See and read it in full on the website. Tom chats about the sex stuff, training while filming Monroe and getting into the mind of da Vinci.


Da Vinci's Demons: UK Screen interview & Forge of Empires website

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A new, but brief, interview with Tom from the recent press tour in Florence has been shared on UK Screen in advance of the UK premiere of Da Vinci's Demons, this Friday night on FOX TV. The conversation concentrates on Da Vinci's sexuality in the show.


Da Vinci's Demons: Tom's cultural highlights

Theatre: Really Really

I saw this play just off Broadway at the MC theatre club. It's directed by David Cromer and written by Paul Downs Colaizzo and stars Zosia Mamet, who is Shoshanna in Girls. It's a beautiful, brutal little play. It deals with the fallout of an accusation that may or may not be true at an American college. It's a sad, savage exploration of this generation that has been conditioned to expect that whatever they want, they deserve. It's fascinating.

Book: The Revolution Was Televised by Alan Sepinwall


Da Vinci's Demons: Collider interview & more great reviews

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Another great interview with Tom for Collider.com, discussing Da Vinci's Demons has been shared online. As always, read it in full on the website. 

What can you say about the antagonistic relationship that Leonardo has with Girolamo Riario (Blake Ritson)?


Da Vinci's Demons: exciting, sexy and enticing says IGN

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An amazing review for Da Vinci's Demons from IGN has been posted. 

David S. Goyer’s stab at recreating the history of da Vinci, Da Vinci’s Demons, is an exciting, sexy and enticing recreation of the socio-political struggle of Florence Italy...

...Tom Riley is strong in the role with room to grow as we discover more about da Vinci and those demons of his.


Da Vinci's Demons: intriguing Comic Book Resource & hilarious EW.com interviews

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This photo was kindly shared by Starz PR on twitter. Another 2 great interviews have appeared this afternoon. The first for Comic Book Resources reveals Tom's favourite parts when making the series - read it all on the website


Da Vinci's Demons: Huff Post and Futon Critic interviews & GQ's most stylish man?

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The Futon Critic and Huff Post have shared their interviews with Tom online. The interview for The Futon Critic is via video, but not embeddable, so watch it on their website. 

In the Huff Post interview, Tom and David S. Goyer address the question of da Vinci's sexuality in the series. Read the full interview on the site. 

Since the promotional trailers have shown da Vinci in bed with a woman, some have speculated that, much like the controversial 2004 movie interpretation of Alexander the Great's life, the producers might be attempting to downplay speculation about da Vinci's sexual orientation.

"The fact of the matter is that he was put on trial for sodomy twice, and given that was such a big event in his life and was documented, I think we would be doing the character and the show a disservice if we didn’t delve into it," Goyer insisted. "It’s kind of funny because we showed the first trailer and the reaction was, “Oh my God. He’s having sex with a woman!"

Clearly, that’s it," Riley laughed. "It’s a flash of something and trust me, there are flashes of other things. They’re just not in the trailer." Still, da Vinci was also rumored to have his share of female lovers as well.

"He certainly knew Lucrezia Donati. Nobody knows if they were ever together, and supposedly one his lovers was the Duchess of Milan, and various other people. And the woman -- whose name escapes me right now -- who was possibly the identity of the Mona Lisa," Goyer observed.

"There’s no mention of any lovers particularly, male or female, in his entire diary," Riley pointed out. "I find that fascinating -- that either there’s no mention because he was some kind of renaissance Morrissey or because something about that was so painful he got rid of it all, which is far more dramatically interesting to us anyway."