Da Vinci's Demons: new interview with Tom for She Knows

SheKnows: Da Vinci isn't afraid to let his colors show. Are you similar to him?

Tom Riley: I wish I had even half the ability to stay as absolutely true to himself and his beliefs as he does or be as utterly unashamed and unafraid of how he comes across to others. It speaks of a man with a singular vision. I spend too much time apologizing and second-guessing myself. It probably means I'm easier to be around, but it also means I'll never invent the helicopter...


Da Vinci's Demons: a fun, action filled, sexy drama & SFX preview

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Confusingly, while Den of Geek.com posted a mixed review of the Da Vinci's Demons finale this week, it turns out that the site is UK based, and the US version Den of Geek website has shared a brilliant review of the whole series, telling us why we should be watching the show. Read it in full here


Da Vinci's Demons: Florence press tour video & interview

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An amazing video of the Da Vinci's Demons team, during the Florence press tour in April, has been shared online.

We see wonderful glimpses of all the cast discovering the various sites made famous by Leonardo da Vinci.

An interview with Tom for the Greek site Free Cinema, from during the press junket, has also been recently uploaded.



Da Vinci's Demons: album release details & vlog with cast

Composer Bear McCreary has uploaded a brilliant new vlog, with the cast of Da Vinci's Demons in Florence, where they discussed the series score. He also reveals that the soundtrack will be available to download from 28th May! 


Da Vinci's Demons: EW video looks at Renaissance fashion

Tom and the cast are interviewed briefly in a new video shared by EW, focusing on the Renaissance fashion for Da Vinci's Demons. Costume designer Annie Symonds offers some background to the style choices, including Leonardo's leather jacket and the designs on it. Watch the video on EW.com.


Da Vinci's Demons: Wonderland Magazine 'In Profile'

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As well as the fantastic video interview with Tom uploaded earlier to You Tube, Wonderland Magazine has shared an 'In Profile' interview with two gorgeous photos of Tom by Jessie Craig on their website. Read it in full on their site.

Most vivid childhood memory?


Da Vinci's Demons: Wonderland Magazine interview

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Wonderland TV uploaded a gorgeous video interview with Tom, where he discusses Da Vinci's Demons and learning to be ambidextrous for the role.


Da Vinci's Demons: The Backlot interview part 2

The Backlot has shared part two of their interview with Tom about episode 5 of Da Vinci's Demons 'The Tower' and have also included responses from David S. Goyer. Read it in full on the website, but don't read further if you haven't seen episode 5 yet.

TBL: Let’s jump to the scene between Da Vinci and Jacopo Saltarelli. Talk to me about filming it.


Da Vinci's Demons: new interview with Tom previews The Tower

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A new interview with Tom for The Backlot previews tomorrow night's episode of Da Vinci's Demons - The Tower. Tom chats about Leonardo's sexuality (again) and bats. Remember that Tom was bitten by bats during filming of series 1! Read the interview in full on The Backlot website.


Da Vinci's Demons: Gold Derby live chat now on You Tube

Last week's entertaining Gold Derby live chat with Tom has now been uploaded to You Tube. In the 12 minute video, Tom chats about filming in Wales and the Mona Lisa.