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Two recent online articles looking at cancelled TV shows which should get a new life, and undiscovered television gems, included Da Vinci's Demons in their lists, with some kind words about Tom as Leonardo. The final series is currently been shown on German terrestrial TV RTL.

There’s something immensely satisfying about discovering a quality TV series before it becomes “cool” and the hype machine goes into overdrive. Consequently, you won’t find Game of Thrones, Downton Abbey, or The Walking Dead on this list. Here are five undiscovered gems of television that are every bit as enthralling, addictive and worth your time as the big name shows.

DA VINCI’S DEMONS Created by superhero specialist David S. Goyer (The Dark Knight), this historical series reinvents the legendary painter/inventor as a dashing Renaissance rogue who’s as adept with a sword as he is at devising war machines and flying contraptions. Handsome Brit Tom Riley gives this young Leonardo substantial sex appeal, too, and his adventures across three seasons range from the search for an arcane book to foiling the invasion by the Ottoman Empire. It’s The Borgias meets Game of Thrones. Stack.net

Involving the great Tom Riley, Da Vinci's Demons was a show about the great man in Italian history, Leonardo Da Vinci. Broiled in the struggles of Naples and it's sister cities, Da Vinci muddles through an exploration of self and science, saving the city from Turks and fake Popes alike. The show has brought to life many of the wondrous inventions to life and has even gone so far as to show Dracula. There is an element of mysticism with the sons of Mithras lurking in the corners. There is also politics, sex and invention about, making it a very interesting series, and also Da Vinci's eternal quest for the book of leaves, a book to change and reshape the future. The show was cancelled after season 3 but producer David Goyer has been open to a mini series. Make it happen. Movie Pilot

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