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The final episode of Dark Heart starring Tom Riley was broadcast last night on ITV, with very positive online reactions. There is no news about any second series, but if you missed any of the episodes, catch up via ITV Hub or download the series on iTunes UK. The series DVD will be released on November 26th. 

Tom Riley fans in the US and Canada can stream the series via BritBox, watch on ITV Choice in Africa, and in Ireland on Virgin One. 

The Custard TV reviewer hopes that the series is renewed. 

As I’ve mentioned before, most of Dark Heart’s charm lies in its complex protagonist. Wagstaffe is a troubled individual, which might be a bit cliché, but the strong characterisation on both Lang and Riley’s part makes him so much more than that. He’s an incredibly multi-layered character, and even by the end of the final episode, there’s so much left untouched with him, which makes Dark Heart feel like the sort of drama that should be revived every couple of years, in a similar manner to that of Prime Suspect. Riley is thoroughly captivating as Wagstaffe, and it would be a travesty if he — and Lang — aren’t given further opportunity to develop the character’s story. Juliet’s sectioning will undoubtedly have ramifications for both him and Harry (Joseph Teague) and the shocking revelation on Juliet’s part that Will didn’t truly know his parents is a pretty shocking way to end the series.

Dark Heart wasn’t easy viewing for those of us with faint hearts, but the gritty crime drama has been a compelling thrill-ride from start to finish. The concise two-part stories are something television rarely does these days, and the narrative of the show fits such a formulaic structure incredibly well. I’m going to be bold and say that Dark Heart is the best new crime drama of the year. Here’s hoping we’ll get to see another outing for the broody Will Wagstaffe and his trusted sidekick Josie because there's definitely more story here to tell.

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