There is an audio interview with director Bill Clark on this website (and embedded below), recorded while he has been in Nantes for the Festival Univerciné Britannique. Starfish was being screened this week, in competition at the festival, and the site has kind words to say about the performances in the film.

The film features stunning performances from Tom Riley and Joanne Froggatt and is not just based on truth but a completely true account of the events of a couple from the East Midlands in England; Tom and Nicola Ray.

Unfortunately there are no more film stills or promotional material to use to help promote the film. There have only been about 4 stills of Tom as Tom Ray shared in total. Weird marketing decision, when it is a relatively inexpensive option. Posting the same image over and over is a) boring and b) makes potential viewers switch off, thinking they have seen / read it before. Sorry. 

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