A lovely new review for Starfish has been shared by Screen Daily. Read it in full on the website.

Strong critical acclaim and recognition for two nicely modulated lead performances could combine to tempt cinema audiences to experience a film that does not shy away from depicting the devastating physical and mental toll on its subject. Failing that, a healthy broadcast and festival life looks likely for a powerfully moving issue-driven drama with some strong PR potential...

...Writer-director Bill Clark, making a belated follow-up to little-known 2007 DVD movie The Christmas Miracle of Jonathan Toomey, maintains an assuredly quiet control over potentially histrionic material, making the dividends all the richer when Tom and Nicola finally do bare their souls to each other. Froggatt in particular socks it over with a nicely scripted speech which is tailor made for an awards clip reel, while Riley finds his most affecting moment when he realises he could lose something even more precious than what has already gone. Starfish is the story of a family, and most of all a marriage – offering a relatable hook to events that are very far from the experiences of most audience members.

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