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The Toll Road short film, directed by Tom Riley, needs an online streaming service. Apparently if it is hosted on Vimeo or You Tube, they will run into music rights issues, so the team behind the film are looking for a recognised streaming service to help. Details below and on Instagram

For obvious reasons, The Toll Road is having to wrap up its festival journey prematurely. I’m very proud of it. It got into a whole bunch of fancy ones, and picked up some delicious awards along the way, including a couple for best film and a couple for best actress. So thank you for that. We are all very grateful. Right now, in these weirdest of weird and scary times, I would love to be able to put the whole film up on the old @youtube or @vimeo so that everyone can enjoy some #heartwarming and #funny #content full of #famousfaces and #twistsandturns in order to help stave off the collective #anxiety for twenty minute or so, but my understanding is we’d have music rights issues out the #wazoo. We’re getting into it now, but in the meantime, if any streaming service out there is interested in taking this little quarantine treat off our hands and using their mad skillz to speedily spring us out of tune-jail then please contact doug@kidsatplay.com or slip-slide into my DMs. In the meantime, wash your hands, be kind to one another, and kids - stay out of school.

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