The Toll Road: available to watch online for FREE!

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Short film The Toll Road, directed by Tom Riley, written by Richard Galazka, and starring Lizzy Caplan and Martin Starr, is now available to watch online for FREE thanks to WeVe TV. Watch the embed below, or you can view it on You Tube as well as the WeVe TV website. 

The film was shot on location in California in 2018, after Tom finished his run on stage in Dry Powder, and before shooting ITV series Dark Heart. Though it was a project close to his heart while he was filming three seasons of Da Vinci's Demons. 


The Toll Road: looking for streaming service

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The Toll Road short film, directed by Tom Riley, needs an online streaming service. Apparently if it is hosted on Vimeo or You Tube, they will run into music rights issues, so the team behind the film are looking for a recognised streaming service to help. Details below and on Instagram


The Toll Road: Los Angeles JellyFest Screening announcement

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Short film The Toll Road, directed by Tom Riley, has been selected to screen at this month's  Jelly Fest Film Festival in Los Angeles. 


The Toll Road will be shown on Saturday 29th February 2020, in block three 4:20pm - 6:00pm at American Film Institute's Mark Goodson Theatre



The Toll Road: Tall Grass Film Festival Screening

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The Toll Road, the short film directed by Tom Riley, has been selected to be screened at this year's Tall Grass Film Festival in Wichita, Kansas. The festival runs from October 16th - 20th. The Toll Road will have 2 screenings during the Festival in the Laugh Out Loud: Comedy Stories Shorts Programme (the hilarious, the goofy, and the delightful), and tickets are available here.


The Toll Road: Film Festival screening updates

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There is now a web page for The Toll Road on the South Dakota Film Festival site. The Toll Road will be screened on Friday 27th September, part of session 3 from 7pm - 10:45pm (with Adult language & Content). Tickets available on the SDFF website.


The Toll Road: HollyShorts Film Festival Screening tomorrow night

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Tom Riley's directorial debut The Toll Road has it's screening tomorrow night at the HollyShorts Film Festival. Short film The Toll Road, starring Lizzy caplan, will be screened from 10pm on Friday 16th August 2019 at the TCL Chinese 6 Theatre. There is still time to buy tickets. For more information, and to buy tickets, visit this link.


The Toll Road: official selection for HollyShorts Film Festival

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The Toll Road instagram account announced that the short film directed by Tom Riley will be screened at this year's HollyShorts Film Festival. The date and time has not been confirmed yet, but tickets can be purchased from the official website once they go on sale. The festival runs from August 8th - 17th 2019 in Hollywood, Los Angeles. 


The Toll Road: Tom discusses Lizzy Caplan's character's eyebrows

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The official website for The Toll Road has an interview with Tom about making the short film, as well as an extended statement from him as a director. Read them in full on the website. Tom chats about Lizzy Caplan's character's eyebrows, as well as the serious business of making The Toll Road.


The Toll Road: picture lock announced

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Kids At Play announced some exciting news on Twitter! Tom Riley's directorial debut: The Toll Road has reached picture lock. For those with absolutely no idea what picure lock is, this site has a useful article


The Toll Road: IMDb updates

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The IMDb page for short film The Toll Road, directed by Tom Riley, has been updated. We now have a synopsis as well as character names. 

An eccentric couple face a headstrong adversary on the eve of their tenth wedding anniversary.

Lizzy Caplan ... Emily
Martin Starr ... Stewart
Billy Gardell ... Colin
Anthony Carrigan ... Darren