Links below to various interviews with Tom and press articles which mention Tom. For all the wonderful website interviews, which Tom has kindly done over the years click here.
Title Post date
Arcadia: in their own words 20/03/2011
Arcadia: cast interviews Better TV 20/03/2011
Arcadia: TDF Stages interview 16/03/2011
Arcadia: interview for Canadian Press 11/03/2011
The Bird Man of Iraq - FHM photoshoot & interview 04/03/2011
Arcadia: Theatre Mania cast interviews 01/03/2011
Arcadia interview & photoshoot - Broadway.com 25/02/2011
Monroe: Tom ITV Press Pack interview 22/02/2011
Arcadia: Broadway.com cast interviews 13/02/2011
Arcadia: meet the cast video & interviews 09/02/2011
InStyle magazine behind the scenes video 04/02/2011
InStyle magazine photoshoot and interview 03/02/2011
This Morning interview Sept 2010 12/10/2010
Bouquet of Barbed Wire - Tom interview ( ITV press pack ) 25/08/2010
A Few Days In September: interview and images 10/07/2010
Lost In Austen: behind the scenes interview 24/06/2010
Tom interview: LAMDA Notices issue 11 06/05/2010
Happy Ever Afters: Interview for Fingal Community TV 27/01/2010
Happy Ever Afters: amazing Tom interview for IFTN.ie 23/12/2009
Happy Ever Afters: Independent.ie interview 18/12/2009
Happy Ever Afters: Entertainment.ie interview 09/12/2009
Happy Ever Afters: interview snippets 05/11/2009
Website Interview 09/07/2009
Parliamentary Publication on ELQs 16/01/2009
Happy Ever Afters: news updates from Tom 20/11/2008
A lovely letter from Tom 15/11/2008
The Stage Features: Tom Riley 03/11/2008
An Actor's Diary: Essays by Tom Riley 03/11/2008
North Greenwich and Back Again An Actor's Notes by Tom Riley 03/11/2008