Links below to various interviews with Tom and press articles which mention Tom. For all the wonderful website interviews, which Tom has kindly done over the years click here.
Title Post date
Starfish: new red carpet premiere interviews 28/10/2016
Starfish: video interviews from the red carpet premiere 28/10/2016
Starfish: US screening news & BBC Radio Scotland interview 27/10/2016
Starfish: a remarkable turn by Riley 26/10/2016
New interview and photoshoot with Tom Riley for the Telegraph 20/10/2016
The Collection: new cast video interviews discussing the show's secrets 12/10/2016
The Collection: World Screen interview from April 2016 10/10/2016
The Collection: new interview with Tom for Red Online about his best things 05/10/2016
The Collection: new behind the scenes video includes Tom Riley! 04/10/2016
The Collection: episode 4 'The Launch' now available on Amazon UK 23/09/2016
Tom Riley chats The Collection, Da Vinci's Demons, Dark Heart & his fondness for leather 05/09/2016
The Collection: Heat, TV Choice & Total TV magazine interviews 23/08/2016
The Collection: TV & Satellite Week cover and feature 23/08/2016
The Collection: Tom reveals the incredibly conflicted & slightly wild Claude Sabine 17/08/2016
The Collection: Tom discusses being naked in a bath for the first scene 17/08/2016
Da Vinci's Demons: extended Tom Riley & Laura Haddock season 3 interview 11/07/2016
Starfish: September 2016 release for UK 22/06/2016
Starfish: Edinburgh premiere video interviews and film clips 18/06/2016
Da Vinci's Demons: Tom nearly set fire to himself filming season 3 13/06/2016
The Collection: new MipTV red carpet video interviews 13/04/2016
Da Vinci's Demons: fun cast memories of Gregg Chillin misbehaving 23/02/2016
Da Vinci's Demons: Tom chats about Leo's future 17/01/2016
Da Vinci's Demons: one of the most consistent shows in 2015 & final fan message 04/01/2016
Da Vinci's Demons: Tom Riley video message to Lucrezia 27/12/2015
Starfish: film expected to be released in 2016 21/12/2015
Da Vinci's Demons: Tom on the fun of filming & being dropped on his head 14/12/2015
Starfish: shooting scheduled to last 1 month 27/11/2015
Da Vinci's Demons: season 3 TV Choice interview 26/11/2015
Starfish: production started November 20th 20/11/2015
Da Vinci's Demons: Tom recommends favourite historical drama Lost In Austen 13/11/2015
Da Vinci's Demons: Leo was difficult, headstrong, temperamental & tantrum-throwing 08/11/2015
Da Vinci's Demons: Tom & Laura talk wigs, stockings & GafQuat 06/11/2015
Da Vinci's Demons: message from Tom about Piero 04/11/2015
Da Vinci's Demons: let Tom persuade you to watch this smart, epic show 01/11/2015
Da Vinci's Demons: new NYCC 2014 interview with Tom, Blake, Gregg & Laura 31/10/2015
Da Vinci's Demons: Vlad is back in season 3! 29/10/2015
Da Vinci's Demons: message to the fans from Tom 28/10/2015
Da Vinci's Demons: Tom talks to Assignment X about the big physical challenges in season 3 28/10/2015
Da Vinci's Demons: Tom chats about season 3 & future projects with Den of Geek 27/10/2015
Da Vinci's Demons: Tom reveals he loves the idea of bingeing season 3 27/10/2015
Da Vinci's Demons: after Leo, which other super hero has Tom been sniffing round? 26/10/2015
Da Vinci's Demons: Tom chats about new projects & filming shirtless scenes in the rain 24/10/2015
Da Vinci's Demons: Tom explains why his Leo is canonically bi-sexual 23/10/2015
Da Vinci's Demons: wonderful nudity in episode 8, says Tom 23/10/2015
Da Vinci's Demons: #DaVinciDay reminder for an often exhilarating season 3 23/10/2015
Da Vinci's Demons: new interviews on specialist pub quiz subjects & ending season 3 23/10/2015
Da Vinci's Demons: Tom loved his Leonardo jackets 22/10/2015
Da Vinci's Demons: new NYCC 2014 interview & new season 3 glimpses 21/10/2015
Doctor Who: Tom would love to reprise his role as Robin Hood 21/10/2015
Da Vinci's Demons: season 3 had reshoots to give fans closure 20/10/2015