Links below to various interviews with Tom and press articles which mention Tom. For all the wonderful website interviews, which Tom has kindly done over the years click here.
Title Post date
Dark Heart: Tom didn't read the novels before filming the series 08/11/2018
Dark Heart: new preview clip for tonight's episode & new interview 07/11/2018
Dark Heart: Brilliant This Morning interview with Tom Riley now online 07/11/2018
Dark Heart: Tom Riley plays Will’s part just right 07/11/2018
Dark Heart: new audio interview with Tom 06/11/2018
Dark Heart: Tom chats about storylines in advance of BritBox launch 05/11/2018
Dark Heart: Tom reveals how indecisive he is over scripts 01/11/2018
Dark Heart: Tom discusses dealing with sensitive issues in the series 31/10/2018
Dark Heart: Build Series London interview now online 31/10/2018
Dark Heart: pacy and gripping, a quality thriller! Begins tonight 9pm on ITV 31/10/2018
Dark Heart: Tom on changing costumes in pub toilets & strip clubs 30/10/2018
Dark Heart: Sunday Brunch interview stills online 29/10/2018
Dark Heart: BBC Breakfast interview on iPlayer for 24 hours 29/10/2018
Dark Heart: catch up with Tom's Sunday Brunch & Radio London interviews 28/10/2018
Dark Heart: Tom on choosing his detective for life 28/10/2018
Dark Heart: Tom chats about stunts, filming challenges, and being a low key hoarder 27/10/2018
Dark Heart: BBC Radio 2 interview now on iPlayer 27/10/2018
Dark Heart: Tom chats about sex scenes & changing his appearance for roles 26/10/2018
Dark Heart: fantastic crime drama 25/10/2018
Dark Heart: Tom discusses Nietzsche with Inside Soap 24/10/2018
Dark Heart: Radio Times interview 23/10/2018
Dark Heart: PA interview chatting about having a classy, stand-out show 23/10/2018
Dark Heart: broadcast date for ITV Choice Africa 19/10/2018
The Shadow Hours: new video interview with Tom Riley 19/03/2018
Dry Powder: meet the company promo video 23/01/2018
Ill Behaviour: new video interview with Tom Riley 08/09/2017
Starfish: performances of Tom Riley & Joanne Froggatt keep us powerfully engaged 07/05/2017
Twitter Q&A May 2017 04/05/2017
Starfish: new behind the scenes video and interview with Tom 23/04/2017
Starfish: Tom Riley interview to promote DVD release 20/04/2017
The Collection: bewitching new drama boasts an impressive ensemble cast 12/02/2017
The Collection: the complex role reveals Riley as an actor to watch 10/02/2017
The Collection: Tom reveals how Oliver Goldstick convinced him to get involved 10/02/2017
The Collection: Tom Riley plays Claude Sabine with a mix of vulnerability, charm, & bravado 10/02/2017
The Collection: Tom Riley explains about accents used by the international cast 10/02/2017
Starfish: new on set video interviews 16/01/2017
The Collection: Tom shot his first film in Paris 05/01/2017
Starfish: new red carpet premiere interview & a VERY young Tom... 12/11/2016
Dark Heart: new interviews for TV Choice, Total TV & What's On TV 06/11/2016
Dark Heart: new video clips & filming with drunk passers-by 05/11/2016
Dark Heart: ITV hopes it will become a series 05/11/2016
New interview with Tom for The Picture Journal 03/11/2016
Dark Heart: new interview reveals the show is realistic and very fresh 02/11/2016
Dark Heart: ITV press pack interview reveals a new job 01/11/2016
Starfish: Videoplugger interview with Tom at the premiere 01/11/2016
Starfish: 360 magazine video interviews from the premiere 01/11/2016
Dark Heart: new interviews reveal an edgier style of drama for ITV Encore 01/11/2016
Dark Heart: new still, clips and video interviews 31/10/2016
Starfish: premiere after party photos and Radio Scotland interview 31/10/2016
Starfish: premiere Q&A photos and videos 28/10/2016