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Starfish: Virginia Film Festival Screening

Tom Riley fans in the US have a treat next month. Starfish is screening at the Virginia Film Festival on November 11th 2017. For tickets and details check out the festival website

4:30 PM, Saturday, Nov 11, 2017  PVCC DICKINSON CENTER

Tom Ray has all of the parts of a fulfilling life—the house of his dreams, the life of a writer, a beautiful wife, and a second baby on the way. After Tom puts his daughter to bed one chilly December evening, his perfect life falls apart in a single moment when he succumbs a devastating illness. He loses his hands, lower legs, and part of his face after contracting septicemia, and his young daughter fails to recognize him as the father she knows. Tom and his wife Nicola fight to keep their family together, enduring a devastating test of the strength of their relationship in this incredibly moving story based on actual events.

Starfish: International Motivational Film Festival screening in Russia

Starfish will be screened in Russia this month, at the Bridge of Arts International Motivational Film Festival, which will be held in Rostov, Azov and Taganrog from August 23rd - 27th 2017.

Check out more details on the festival website

A recent interview with cinematographer Clive Norman shares details about shooting Starfish on this website

Starfish: Galway Film Fleadh screening details & tickets on sale

The programme for the 2017 Galway Film Fleadh was revealed today, and includes screening details for Starfish - on Friday 14th July at 2.15pm. Tickets are available from here.

Starfish is the true and incredibly moving story of Tom and Nicola Ray, whose love is tested to the limit when their perfect life falls apart. When Tom puts his small daughter to bed one chilly December evening, he has everything he could ever want – a dream house, the life of a writer, a beautiful wife and a second baby on the way.

The next morning all of this is in jeopardy as Tom succumbs to the devastating illness that is sepsis. As Tom and Nicola battle to hold their family and marriage together, the strength of their relationship is the only thing that can save them.

Starfish: 2017 Galway Film Fleadh screening

It has been announced today that Starfish will make its Irish premiere at the 2017 Galway Film Fleadh, which will run from July 11th to 16th. Festival details will apparently be revealed on June 27th. 

UK film 'Starfish' will play at Galway after an impactful small release in the UK. The true story of what happened to Tom and Nic Ray, a couple whose love was tested to the limit when Tom became ill, apparently overnight, with sepsis.

A huge positive for the release of the film so far has been the way that audiences have been able to learn about an illness that affects around 9,000 per year in hospitals in Ireland, and 150,000 in the UK, with a tragically high level of avoidable deaths.

Tom and Nic Ray have been campaigning vigorously for sepsis awareness since the first release of the film and will be attending the Galway screening to support the film, hoping to continue to spread the word.