Starfish: release in Taiwan & new film stills

According to the Taiwanese World Screen website, Starfish was released in Taiwan on May 5th 2017. Thanks to Google Translate, a few Taiwanese sites showed up with some new, hi-res stills from the film, not shared for the UK release. A number of them are of Tom as Tom Ray. Check them out via this link. The text translations seem to call the film My Starfish Father. 

There is a new poster for the film's release in Taiwan (see above), and it would seem that the film was awarded 5 stars by World Screen.

Tortilla: short film directed by Eros Vlahos

This new photo of Tom with Eros Vlahos has been shared by Gregg Chillin on Instagram. Gregg and Eros are currently in Ibiza shooting comedy short film Tortilla. Tom apparently joined them yesterday, but it isn't clear if he is visiting his Da Vinci's Demons friends or part of the cast. There are just a few details about Tortilla available. Keep an eye on Instagram for updates. 

TORTILLA, a comedy set in Ibiza, is a short film being used as a pilot for a feature film after 1UP Productions have had interest from Film4. TORTILLA will be filmed in some incredible locations across the island over a 5 day period.

TORTILLA is directed by Eros Vlahos, and produced by Jack Cooper Stimpson and Jason Imlach, starring Jack Bannon among others.

The company are about to have their short REGARDEZ shown at The Paris Film Festival and have a whole host of other projects lined up. 


Twitter Q&A May 2017

Yesterday afternoon, for the first time in a couple of years, Tom had a spontaneous Twitter Q&A for fans. Lots of lucky fans who were online had their questions answered. For those not so lucky fans like me who were working, and not around for the 20 minutes Tom was available, or who are not on Twitter, I storified most of the questions and Tom's responses.

Keep everything crossed that those of us who didn't get to ask Tom our questions yesterday will be online if he ever does another one. 

Angie Tribeca: Turn Me On, Geils on TBS

Tom appeared in season 3 episode 4 of Angie Tribeca 'Turn Me On, Geils', which aired last night on US channel TBS. According to a newly updated IMDb, Tom's character is Dr Frederick Wurst. 

Sorry I couldn't let anyone know before broadcast so they could record the episode. Nothing appeared in any routine searches, and no-one wanted to give me a heads up, so I didn't know anything about it. For those who wish to catch up, the episode is available on demand on TBS, and is also available to buy from iTunes USA

A brilliant robotics specialist is found dead in his lab. No one knows who killed him, which makes Tribeca's job a lot harder. The only one who can offer any insight into the case is the victim's magnetic assistant, who takes a liking to Geils.

The Collection: Ivor Novello Award nomination

The nominations for the 62nd Ivor Novello Awards were recently announced, and The Collection soundtrack, composed by Dominik Scherrer, has been nominated for Best Television Soundtrack!

This award recognises outstanding composition for a television programme and how well the music enhances the visual content.

The Ivors will take place on Thursday 18th May at the Grosvenor House, Park Lane, London.