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The Nevers: Joss Whedon leaves the show
admin | 26 November
Showrunner Joss Whedon announced today via Cinemablend that he is leaving The Nevers. New shows often have a difficult gestation, and The Nevers is no
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the nevers
The Nevers: 6 part season 1A
admin | 13 November
Kate Reid, The Nevers director of photography, posted more information about how The Nevers has been changed to accomodate the pandemic. Yesterday she shared
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The Nevers: wrapped on Sunday! Congratulations to all the cast and crew
admin | 12 November
Congratulations to all the cast and crew of The Nevers. England entered a second lockdown last week, and some of the cast and crew members from HBO's The
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the nevers
The Nevers: complicated, fresh, and jumps time zones
admin | 22 October
A fantastic interview with Nick Frost has been shared online by Collider. Nick reveals some amazing tit-bits about The Nevers and working with Joss Whedon.
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tom riley
The Nevers: Nick Frost is a Joss Whedon fanboy
admin | 11 October
HBO's The Nevers cast member Nick Frost is promoting his latest project Truth Seekers, and was interviewed by RTS.org. In his interview, Nick mentioned
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The Nevers: complete with Satanic orgy clubs
admin | 03 October
HBO's The Nevers restarted shooting in London in September, following the 6 months covid lockdown. As before, nothing is being openly revealed about filming -
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amy manson
The Nevers: stories from the writers room
admin | 08 September
Sending love and best wishes to the cast and crew of The Nevers as filming restarts on Joss Whedon's HBO series in London, with Tom Riley as Augustus Bidlow.
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tom riley lizzy caplan
The Nevers: work starts up again
admin | 03 September
Finally there is confirmation that filming of HBO series The Nevers has restarted following shutdown because of covid 19, back in March 2020. It has been
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the toll road
The Toll Road: available to watch online for FREE!
admin | 26 August
Short film The Toll Road, directed by Tom Riley, written by Richard Galazka, and starring Lizzy Caplan and Martin Starr, is now available to watch online for
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The Nevers: Comic Con panel no longer available
admin | 23 July
Last week we were excited at the prospect of Joss Whedon's Zoom call for Comic Con 2020. As seen in the above image, The Nevers creator and showrunner was
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