Modern Life Is Rubbish: Win tickets to the Edinburgh Film Festival premiere!

Modern Life Is Rubbish premieres at the 2017 Edinburgh International Film Festival next week, on Thursday 22nd June. A new film poster has been shared today, and the kind people behind the official Twitter page are offering fans the chance to win 3 pairs of tickets to the premiere! Follow their instructions on Twitter for your chance to win. There has been no mention of who will be attending the premiere to promote the film yet.



Dark Heart: available to watch now in Canada on Super Channel

While there is nothing I can see on the Super Channel website itself about Dark Heart, two of the cable companies in Canada who offer Super Channel subscriptions have news that Dark Heart is now available to watch on demand, until the end of June 2017. See Rogers and Shaw for more details. If you are in Canada, check out Super Channel via your provider.  According to this listings site, Dark Heart will be on Super Channel 2 at 10.45pm tonight June 8th. 

Across a stifling week during a London heat wave, DI William Wagstaffe, a workaholic whose personal life is as complex as his day job, investigates a string of horrifying murders.

Directors: Colin Teague
Cast: Tom Riley, Tom Brooke, Miranda Raison, Charlotte Riley
Duration: 98min
Rated: 14A
Format: HD, SD
Language: English
Available Until: Jul 01, 2017

Da Vincis Demons: best of TV's sexed-up period dramas

To cheer us up during some dark moments, The Guardian has offered a list of the sexiest period drama alternatives to Versailles and Polark, and includes Da Vinci's Demons. Not entirely sure the author has actually seen the show from her description, but it gives us fans another chance to watch all three seasons again. If only to see Tom Riley doing sexy horse nostrils and naked cartwheels. 

Da Vinci’s Demons Fox, 2013-2015

Oh look, it’s Leonardo da Vinci in a pleather blouson, saying “gnnyaaarrr” and doing sexy horse nostrils as he cartwheels through a 15th-century Florence thick with pubic hair, CGI hang gliders, nuns, breasts, nuns with breasts, mumbling mystics, eye-rolling popes, nipples, the bits around nipples, and lines such as “begone you artless fuckwit”.

Such was the gist of this filmed-in-Swansea “historical fantasy”, its sole aim seemingly to place a whoopee cushion beneath history’s bum cheeks before running away, laughing.

Typical scene Da Vinci (Tom Riley) doing gun-fingers at walls while bellowing himself to a juddering Renaissance climax in a set that was once a car parts factory off the A483.

Tortilla: IMDb page updates

The IMDb page for short film Tortilla, formerly known as The White Isle, has added Tom Riley's name and his character 'Giorgio' to the cast list. IMDb has not yet changed the film's title.

Tortilla, written and directed by Eros Vlahos, was filmed last month in Ibiza, with Tom seemingly joining the shoot for a just couple of days. Hopefully we shall get some more news about Tortilla soon. Keep an eye on the Instagram page for the production company 1 UP

The Collection: new stills for RTL Passion broadcast

In advance of the German broadcast of The Collection next week on the RTL Passion channel, a number of new promotional images have been shared on some of the German media websites. There are several of Tom as Claude Sabine which have not been seen before. Visit the links here and here to check out the photos.

The Collection series begins on RTL Passion, Monday 12th June 2017.

The German DVD for the series will be released on 7th August 2017, and according to this site, will include 2 extras - 'Behind-the-Scenes' and 'Making-of'. It isn't clear if the extras are the same video featurettes included on the UK DVD release as they have different titles. 

Ill Behaviour: exciting new UK TV shows to look out for

Den of Geek has included Ill Behaviour in a new preview article looking at exciting new UK drama and comedy shows coming our way. No date for broadcast has been included.

Ill Behaviour

More exciting stuff. Peep Show co-creator Sam Bain has written a new three-part comedy thriller for the BBC. Starring Tom Riley, Lizzy Caplan, Chris Geere, Jessica Regan and John Gordon Sinclair, Ill Behaviour takes cancer treatment as its unlikely comedy premise. BBC Comedy Commissioner Shane Allen describes the series as challenging “our own sense of right and wrong in the face of life and death”, but, you know, funny.

Ill Behaviour will follow the Car Share model by debuting on BBC iPlayer before airing on BBC Two later this year.