Ill Behaviour: new BBC trailer

This weeks Radio Times has Ill Behaviour in its TV Pick list (scan above), and the BBC has shared a great new trailer for the show, which is slightly longer than the teasers already posted online.

Apparently the trailer will only be viewable for another 20 days on the website - not sure if that is a hint or not! Unfortunately the new trailer is not embeddable, so view it via this link, then watch all three episodes of the show while you are on iPlayer. 

Ill Behaviour: possible US broadcast?

Sam Bain and Chris Geere have both hinted on Twitter that Ill Behaviour may be broadcast in the US, which is great news for fans outside the UK! Everyone should get to see and enjoy three hours of this sharply written, engaging, funny, moving series. Not to mention the wonderful performances from the cast (Tom Riley's especially, of course). Fingers crossed that it is soon.

Ill Behaviour: gripping, well-written and packed with ethical dilemmas

Two more great reviews for Ill Behaviour have been shared online. Read them in full via the links, and if you haven't watched Ill Behaviour yet, click here and enjoy. Vodzilla has it as a pick of the week here, and has also shared a brilliant review.  

Ill Behaviour is more drama than comedy, yet its dialogue is consistently witty and a few big laughs do occur along the way. With a gripping plot, well-written characters and plenty of ethical dilemmas to ponder, the three-hour series is well worth your time. Ill Behaviour is available on BBC iPlayer until 3rd October 2017.

The second review has been shared by Beyond The Joke.

All 3 episodes of Ill Behaviour available on BBC iPlayer NOW!!

A three episodes of Ill Behaviour are now available to watch on BBC iPlayer! They will be available to watch online for 2 months, and will be bradcast on BBC2 sometime in August. There is a warning for very strong language in the show.

Joel’s divorce brings him a £2 million settlement and reunites him with his best friends from Sixth Form - New Age Charlie and IT nerd Tess.

Ill Behaviour: not really about cancer at all – it’s about friendship

A fascinating new blog post by Ill Behaviour writer Sam Bain, on The Guardian website, reveals his thoughts and motivation behind the show's creation. Read it in full on The Guardian website, and see the lovely bonus photo of Tom Riley as Charlie! Watch Ill Behaviour on BBC iPlayer tomorrow.

There are few worse feelings than watching a good friend fall apart while you are trapped helplessly behind a glass partition of social etiquette. My first solo TV series, Ill Behaviour, is intended as a fictional antidote to that feeling. It’s a wish fulfilment fantasy about two friends who break every social and legal boundary to rescue one of their best mates from his ill-advised life choices. With (hopefully) hilarious consequences.