Ill Behaviour: best TV to watch tonight!

The Radio Times has included Ill Behaviour in its list of best TV shows to watch tonight! Go on, take their advice and watch Ill Behaviour on iPlayer! Though I have no idea whether they are correct about BBC 2 broadcast being later this year rather than later this month, a date hasn't yet been announced.

Two friends learn, in Sam Bain's three-parter, that the third member of their gang is treating his cancer with fruit juice and positive thinking instead of medicine. So, with the help of a rogue oncologist, they take matters into their own hands... if that premise sound unwieldy, it is, and there are cartoonish characters to match in a comedy that works best in the moments when it reveals how dark the situation is.

It's on iPlayer, ahead of a BBC2 slot later this year.

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Ill Behaviour: Tom Riley and Chris Geere have a strong chemistry together

The BBC shared a new teaser for Ill Behaviour yesterday (embedded below), while another great review for Ill Behaviour has been shared on Yahoo, with some kind words about Tom Riley as Charlie. Read it in full on the website (note Lizzy Caplan's name is spelled incorrectly), and catch up with Ill Behaviour on BBC iPlayer

Ill Behaviour manages to pull off a clever trick in its opening scenes. It starts with standard sitcom fare; Joel (Chris Geere) has been left by his wife of ten years. He’s sitting on a balcony in his underwear, and throwing money off the side of a building. You could build a programme around this moment on its own – with Charlie (Tom Riley) and Tess (Jessica Regan) helping Joel rebuild his life, sending him off on dates with Nadia (Lizzy Kaplan) and so on and so forth. And up to a point it does this – but it breezes quickly through it, an act of narrative substitution shifts quickly away from a despondent Joel...

Ill Behaviour: popular summer download winner

Catch up with Tom Riley as Charlie in Ill Behaviour on BBC iPlayer, as the show gets a couple of new mentions in The Guardian this week. The BBC revealed that Ill Behaviour was anticipated to be one of their most popular holiday downloads, and another reviewer recommends the show with its delicious lines and also Lizzy Caplan.

The BBC says the number of shows downloaded from iPlayer over the summer holiday period of July and August has more than doubled in the last four years to more than 20m. The corporation expects its download service, which was launched in 2012, to do brisk business again this summer... ...The BBC said its summer winners were likely to include the dramas Top of The Lake: China Girl, Trust Me and Man in an Orange Shirt. Popular comedy downloads are likely to include W1A, Quacks and Ill Behaviour.

The Collection: launches in the US on Masterpiece in October!

Tom Riley fans in the US can soon watch The Collection on Masterpiece, which will be part of the Drama Sunday season. Details for the broadcast of The Collection in the US on Masterpiece have been shared by this website and the PBS pressroom. It seems the show will be broadcast as 7 episodes (same as on rather than the 8 episodes shown elsewhere around the world. The series begins on 8th October 2017 at 10pm ET with the final episode showing on 19th November 2017. 

Sundays, October 8-November 19, 2017, 10:00 p.m. ET

The newest addition to ‘Drama Sunday’ of The Collection (October 8) will bring a bit of contemporary haute couture along with just enough conspiracy and sleaze to keep you coming back for more each week.