Ill Behaviour: new programme website, stills and teaser trailer

The BBC has created a new website for Ill Behaviour, which launches tomorrow 22nd July 2017 on BBC iPlayer. The website has non-spoilery episode synopses, new stills of the cast (including bald Tom as Charlie), and character bios. BBC iPlayer on Twitter has shared a brief teaser trailer, but there is no Tom to be seen in it. 

Ill Behaviour: dark, and largely excellent

The Telegraph has included Ill Behaviour in its list of shows to watch this Saturday, 22nd July! Again a mistake: Ill Behaviour will be on BBC iPlayer, not BBC Three. Watch Ill Behaviour if you can. Tom Riley really is brilliant in it.

Ill Behaviour

BBC Three, from 10.00am

After working with writing partner Jesse Armstrong for the past 15 years, Sam Bain (Peep Show, Fresh Meat) has struck out on his own with this dark, and largely excellent, Bristol-set comedy. Chris Geere and Jessica Regan star as Joel and Tess, two friends who take matters into their own hands when their other friend (Tom Riley) decides to treat his cancer with fruit juices and acupuncture. The marvellous Lizzy Caplan co-stars as an alcoholic oncologist.

Ill Behaviour: tight, rip-roaring three hours of television

The Guardian has shared a great review for Ill Behaviour, which launches on BBC iPlayer from 10am on Saturday 22nd July! Read it in full on The Guardian website, and remember to watch on Saturday.

Fortunately, Ill Behaviour is one of the few shows to actually earn its cancer storyline. The disease is encoded into every scene and line of the series. It is the driving force behind everything that happens onscreen. We see the effect the disease has, but we also see what chemotherapy takes out of a person, and how it affects those around the sufferer. Sam Bain, the Peep Show co-creator who wrote the series, deserves vast amounts of credit for that alone. Even more fortunately, he’s managed to craft a taut, funny, relentlessly immoral thriller out of it.

Ill Behaviour: 4 stars for lols and dramz in bold new comedy-drama

The current issue of Heat magazine (scan above) has included a brief preview of Ill Behaviour, with Tom Riley as Charlie, and has awarded it 4 stars! Talk Telly also mentions Ill Behaviour in its list of not to be missed shows this week. 

The new series which is launched in iPlayer this Saturday, has also been included in TV Satellite Week's 'Hot List - best shows on TV this week'.

Ill Behaviour: Saturday's TV highlights & new programme stills

Saturday's BBC iPlayer launch for Ill Behaviour has been included in the highlight's list on this website, and includes new programe stills! There are no new photos of Tom Riley as Charlie, but there is the first glimpse we have seen of Lizzy Caplan as Nadia, and another of John Gordon Sinclair as Talbot. 

Ill Behaviour: new IMDb page & this week's TV highlights

Ill Behaviour finally has an IMDb page!. The full cast is now listed for the three part comedy drama, which launches on BBC iPlayer next Saturday 22nd July! No date yet for the BBC 2 broadcast, and sadly no trailer for the show yet.

The mini-series has been included in the week's TV highlights by Herald Scotland, wrongly described as being shown on BBC Three and not BBC iPlayer. 


Ill Behaviour

BBC Three