The Nevers: filming in a converted factory in London

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A new photo of Tom Riley and Lizzy Caplan has been shared from the wrap party of Lizzy's new series Castle Rock season 2, filmed in Massachusetts. Next to no news has appeared online about Tom Riley's new series for HBO 'The Nevers', created by Joss Whedon. The Nevers started filming in July 2019, and the only real information shared has been for cast announcements - including the news that Tom will play Augustus Bidlow.


The Nevers: two more filming locations revealed

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On Instagram, Ann Skelly - Tom Riley's co-star in The Nevers - shared the above photo with Laura Donnelly and Joss Whedon, confirming that episode 1 of the new HBO series had wrapped.


The Nevers: series logo revealed

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One of the crew of new HBO series The Nevers shared a photo of a crew gift, apparently at the end of filming episode 1. The image reveals what looks to be the official logo for The Nevers. 


The Nevers: film extra is stolen

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According to a recent article from Kent Online, one of The Nevers film extras has been stolen. The extra in question is a pink cockatoo called Boo. 

A bird was stolen when she was in Kent to film a big budget TV series produced by the team behind the Avengers and Game of Thrones. Last week KentOnline issued an appeal to help find a stolen bird, but it has emerged she is a silver screen extra.


The Nevers: a few filming details

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None of the official announcements posted online yesterday, about HBO's new series The Nevers with Tom Riley and others joining the cast, included any filming information. A bit of googling today has revealed a few tit-bits, but none of this is from official sources. 


The Nevers: fantastic new HBO project announced

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The Hollywood Reporter has announced that Tom Riley has joined the cast of "The Nevers", a series created by Joss Whedon for HBO - his character is apparently called Augustus "Augie" Bidlow. There doesn't appear to be any details about where or when the series is filming.