The Collection: new behind the scenes video includes Tom Riley!


A new behind the scenes video from the set of The Collection has been shared on Facebook, and best of all they included a brief interview with Tom Riley, this time! Clearly from the video cover shot (which isn't in the video), there was more deleted...but I dont want to seem ungrateful. This is a first! Amazon also shared this behind the scenes photo of Tom on Instagram.

Edit Sept 2017 to use Masterpiece You Tube video. 


The Collection: episode 4 'The Launch' now available on Amazon UK

Episode 4 of Amazon UK's The Collection, 'The Launch' is now available to watch online. The BBFC has rated the episode '12' for infrequent strong language, moderate violence.

The Launch

A detective arrives asking questions about the dead body found on Sabine property, while the pressure piles on Paul who has everything riding on the new show. When Nina's modelling debut is a triumph and Paul is lauded as the new fashion Prince, Claude must watch from the wings. But how long will he let his brother take bows for his work...

Very brief interviews with the cast have been shared by What's On TV. I think they are the ones from the series launch in the magazines. Read it in full on the website. In the latest TV & Satellite week, there is an interview with Mamie Gummer about the show. I havent found any other mention of The Collection in this week's TV magazines.

What is there to know about Claude?

Tom Riley chats The Collection, Da Vinci's Demons, Dark Heart & his fondness for leather

At last we have an interview! The Metro has shared a fun and revealing interview with Tom today, along with a gorgeous photo, in which he chats about the end of Da Vinci's Demons, his character in The Collection, Starfish and how they filmed Dark Heart. Read it in full on the Metro website

As Da Vinci you often sported a leather jerkin. As Claude Sabine in The Collection, you’re in leather again. Something we should know?

You’ve got me — if there’s leather involved in the part, I’m in. I put it in my contract!

Seriously, though, The Collection is a departure from your previous roles. What attracted you to it?

Well, it’s a period drama set in post-war Paris in a world of secrets and collaborators, and you get the sense of a city that’s ashamed of itself, trying to rebuild itself. I play a designer who has to keep his colourful private life private because it would cause a scandal. So he’s a really interesting character. On top of that, there’s a striking sense of style to the show. There’s almost a Mad Men feel to it, I’m very proud of it.

The Collection: Heat, TV Choice & Total TV magazine interviews

Three more interviews with Tom, promoting The Collection, have been shared in the latest TV magazine issues in the UK. There may be more, but present circumstances sadly don't allow me to hunt them down, and no more are appearing in searches. These are the ones I could find and buy. Full sized scans have been added to the galleries. 

Heat magazine posts news of Tom's obsession with the Great British Bake Off and Claude Sabine's many lovers, Tom tells Total TV Guide what a godsend it is not having to keep his body in same the 'absurd shape' as he did for Da Vinci's Demons, while in TV Choice there is a new promotional photo of Tom as Claude Sabine to accompany his interview. Sorry about the scan quality. 

The Collection begins on Friday 2nd September on Amazon UK!