Dark Heart: new interviews for TV Choice, Total TV & What's On TV

In advance of the broadcast of Dark Heart on Wednesday night, many TV magazines have shared interviews with Tom. Since they are all very similar, I am guessing most of them were from the same round table / press day. Interesting how different yesterday's interview answers in the Daily Express compare to today's shared by What's On TV! And there is more detail to the reveal about maintaining body fat for Da Vinci's Demons. Scans for other magazine interviews are below - read them all to compare Tom's responses. Full sizes in the galleries. 

Tom Riley stars as a London detective on the hunt for a brutal killer in ITV Encore’s one-off two-hour crime special, Dark Heart.

Tell us about your character…

“What makes him different is that he’s a bit young to be in the role he’s in and there’s a certain vulnerability to taking this job in front of all these people. He’s there because he’s incredibly good at his job, but what drives him is the death of his parents who were murdered when he was a kid.”

Have you ever played a policeman before?

Dark Heart: new video clips & filming with drunk passers-by

A new interview with Tom for The Sun, talking about working with Charlotte Riley, was shared a few days ago, but was lost in the flood of great Starfish reviews. 

Speaking ahead of the drama’s launch on ITV Encore on November 9, Tom told how he would feel the weight of heavy emotional storylines and was grateful for some on-set laughs with co-star CHARLOTTE RILEY.

He said: “Charlotte, who’s very funny and very silly, had the same mindset as I did between takes. “She wanted to switch off and d*** about, dancing and joking, which is useful and helpful.”

He said co-star Charlotte was a breath of fresh air in between takes Tom’s mood as the DI was also lifted because the stars kept getting interrupted by drunken passers-by and stag dos as they filmed in some of London’s busiest locations on a Saturday night.

The actor, above, said: “Trying to deal with people who are drunk and trying to leer into the camera as you go past, it gave the whole thing a sort of guerilla shoot feel. “It was like, ‘We’ve got ten minutes to get this scene before that stag comes out of that pub’. ”

Dark Heart: ITV hopes it will become a series

There is a second interview with Tom for the Daily Express, which has been shared online, promoting Dark Heart - on ITV Encore at 9pm this Wednesday 9th November. Yes, this is the same night as the special screenings of Starfish around the country.

Tom Riley fans have a difficult choice on Wednesday: see exclusive footage and interviews along with Starfish  at a one time only screening in cinemas, or watch Dark Heart on ITV Encore, which I assume will need as many viewers watching as possible. 

Sadly for Da Vinci's Demons fans, according to the interview in the Express (not the most reliable publication), Tom doesn't miss his leather costume for Leo - which he has previously said was the most comfortable, if a bit draughty in the chest area...

He may be known for playing 15th-century artist Leonardo da Vinci in swashbuckling TV series Da Vinci’s Demons, but Tom Riley’s latest role couldn’t be more different – much to his delight.

As a detective in TV thriller Dark Heart, he relished taking on a contemporary role, particularly as it meant casting aside his cumbersome painter’s garb.

New interview with Tom for The Picture Journal

A new interview with Tom has been shared by The Picture Journal, and includes 3 new photos from a 2013 photoshoot for Wonderland by Jessie Craig! Tom shared a ghost story which he previously revealed in his last interview for the website. Not new. But I guess it doesn't count, and he means shared in an important interview. Read the interview in full on The Picture Journal.

If you could pick one piece of technology or art to have come out 10 years earlier in your life or 10 years later, what would you pick?

The iPhone. And a decade later. I just would have liked ten more years to actually take in the world around me. Eggplant emoji, winky face.

What is the most interesting conversation you’ve had with someone whom you never talked to again?