The Collection: bewitching new drama boasts an impressive ensemble cast

Decider has posted a third part from their interview with Tom, chatting about The Collection, now available to stream on Amazon Prime USA. Read it in full here. Tom provides more background to his character's relationship with Nina in the series (video clip showing their bond is at the bottom of this post). 

Riley told us, “The stuff with Claude, they’ve got such a weird, close sort of messed up relationship of un-reciprocated love. Unrequited love on her part. He does love her but as a friend and he’s unable to give her what she needs. Yet he kind of wants to and they have a weird sexual chemistry despite his sexuality. That for me is the most complex and interesting relationship in the show and working with Jenna was just a ball. She’s the most French person I’ve ever met in my life.”

The Collection: the complex role reveals Riley as an actor to watch

Three interviews with Tom in one day! What a treat! Elle shared their interview with Tom online, and included some kind words about his performance as Claude Sabine: "The complex role also reveals Riley as an actor to watch. He channels Claude's low moments with an intense gravity, just as he's able to unveil the character's more vulnerable side."

Tom Riley wasn't really looking to do another TV show when he was approached about Amazon's new historical drama The Collection. The British actor, who had recently wrapped three seasons as the Da Vinci in Da Vinci's Demons, hesitated at the thought of offering so much of his time to another series, but ultimately found the story too compelling to resist. "It was the family drama at the center of the whole thing," he says of The Collection, which follows a pair of brothers running a fashion house in post-war Paris.

The series, which premieres on Amazon Prime on February 10, centers on the tension between Riley's moody Claude Sabine, secretly the real artist behind the clothes, and his brother Paul, the public face of the house. Fashion itself, though, "was this expansive world I had no idea about,"

The Collection: Tom reveals how Oliver Goldstick convinced him to get involved

It's our lucky day, after a long interview drought! There is another new interview with Tom for Collider, which has been shared online. Tom chats about The Collection, his character Claude, and why he was reluctant to get involved with another TV series after Da Vinci's Demons. Read it in full on Collider.

During this 1-on-1 phone interview with Collider, actor Tom Riley (Da Vinci’s Demons) talked about playing another (but very different) tortured genius, what drew him to The Collection, how beautiful this series looks, the new appreciation he has for the fashion world, the very complicated relationship between the Sabine brothers, whether he’d like to explore Claude’s life further, why Amazon is such a great company to work with, and whether he’s a binge-watcher himself.

Collider: How did you get involved with this series? After the end of Da Vinci’s Demons, had you considered not signing on for another TV series, or were you open to any medium, if the material was great?

The Collection: Tom Riley plays Claude Sabine with a mix of vulnerability, charm, & bravado

A second part to Tom's interview with Decider has been shared online. Tom chats about only playing sexually fluid tortured geniuses, in The Collection and Da Vinci's Demons. Read it in full on Decider. The Collection is now available to watch on Amazon Prime USA. But fans outside the US can still find it on France 3, BBC First and Amazon Prime UK!

Tom Riley plays Claude Sabine with a mix of vulnerability, charm, and bravado. Even thought the role is a departure for Riley, there is a common thread between Claude and Riley’s work playing a gallivanting version of Leonard Da Vinci on Starz’s Da Vinci’s Demons.